How To Make Black Tattoo Ink

Creating black tattoo ink must be done only by professional producers of tattoo ink because it can be extremely unsanitary and dangerous. Producing ink from different ingredients may pose a great health risk. Keep in mind that you should purchase only authenticate manufactured inks. It is advisable that you ask around reputable tattoo parlors if you intend to make tattoo ink at home. Do your own research as well before you attempt to do this process all by yourself.

You need the following:  black dry pigment, witch hazel, Listerine or 100 proof vodka, propylene glycol, medical grade glycerin, a sterile blender, and sterile bottles.

If you want to mix ready-made inks, follow these steps:

  • Blend colors. You can produce more colors by blending pre-mixed liquid inks. Try practicing more, and you will learn what colors you should combine in order to produce new colors. You will also find out how you can dilute colors in order to lighten them. This will enable you to have a wide variety of color options without the need to buy each shade of ink available in stores. To make black tattoo ink, then choose black or any dark color.
  • Darken tattoo ink. To turn a particular color a little darker, drop a small amount of black ink. The blacker you want it to be, the more black ink you should add. Just do not put too much all at once because even a small amount can go a long way. Be cautious if you only prefer minimal change in the level of darkness.
  • Lighten tattoo ink. To lighten the tattoo ink’s shade, drop a small quantity of white. Just the same as in darkening the shade, avoid adding a large quantity at once. You should try experimenting by adding a small amount of distilled water that can lighten inks.

Follow these steps if you prefer to produce black tattoo ink literally from scratch:

  • Mix liquids. Prepare witch hazel, glycerin, and propylene glycol. You can have 100 proof vodka or Listerine as substitute to witch hazel. Make sure that it measures 7/8 quart. Mix witch hazel with a tablespoon each of glycerin and propylene glycol. Stir them and wait for the contents to become clear.
  • Blend powdered pigment and liquid. Look for a sterile and clean blender. Pour approximately two inches of the powdered pigment in the blender. Add the mixture of liquids and then turn on the blender until you come up with a very thin mixture that is composed of all the ingredients. This is also known as the slurry solution. When you have created consistency in the mixture, put the blender on a slow speed within 15 minutes. Turn the speed up for one hour afterward.
  • Put the mixture in a sealed container. Pour the mixture into the sterile bottles. Use any of the following objects to transfer your tattoo ink into the clean and sterile bottles: funnel, turkey baster, or large syringe. After this, see to it that you put in the sterile bottle a ball bearing, a marble or any item that can help you blend the ink every time you will use it.
  • Keep your ink safe. Make sure that the tattoo ink is stored in a safe area. This location should not be exposed to direct sunlight or fluorescent light that can alter the quality of the pigments.

In making black tattoo ink, make sure that you consistently do sanitary procedures. Do not let any type of contamination thrive in your work area as this may spread infections. Always use sanitized items or products before using them. If in doubt, then make sure that you consult with professional tattoo makers.


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