How To Make Blue Eyes Look Bluer

Blue eyes are one of the prettiest assets a face could have. Every face will light up by having a charming pair of eyes. Blue eyes are said to add more appealing effect on the overall charm of the pair. If you have blue eyes you should learn how to flaunt them even more.

Here is how to make your blue eyes look bluer than they really are.

  • Make your blue eyes bluer by using the right shade of eye shadow. Don’t stay away from  shades of brown. You have to go with a color completely in contrast with your eyes. Browns are in a complete opposite side of the color spectrum from any shade of blue. Putting them together will make the other color stand out. Try a shade of brown and top it off with a golden finish. Orange undertones can do the job pretty well too. Other contrasting colors include deep purples and dark greens.
  • Pair your eye shadow with the right color of eyeliner. Just like the choice for eye shadow color, the safest hues will be any shade of brown. It is best to use dark brown eyeliner to pair up with your eye shadow. If you have a paler skin, try a lighter shade of brown to avoid an overbearing effect. Usually a coppery brown shade is used. The worst color of eyeliner that you could use is black.
  • Enhance you lashes to pop your blue eyes out. Curl your lashes outward to brighten up your eye area. Add volume by applying some layers of dark brown mascara near the lashes’ roots. Do not stray away from the shades of brown even with mascara choice. This will make it look more natural. You may place some on the tip of your lashes but be careful not to overdo it.
  • Let your hair color complement your eyes. You hair frames your face and will contribute a lot to your overall look. A lighter hair shade will often do the trick. Blondes are on the right track. To enhance more the blond color of the hair, have it undergo a lemon rinse. It will make it brighter than usual,  drawing attention to your blue pair of eyes.
  • Remove any hindrance to your eyes’ view. Sporting bangs can hide the beauty of your eye color. Make sure that your bangs are kept on the sides to let your eyes have their spotlight.
  • Wear the right type of clothes to bring out the beauty of your eyes. Although you try to avoid the color blue for eye makeup, it’s a different story when it comes to clothes. Any shade of blue will help blue eyes stand out. Try to determine the perfect shade by looking at the mirror with the blue fabric held close to your eyes. See which shade will look perfect with them. Other clothing colors that can complement your eyes are the shades of purple such as lavender.

Being a blue-eyed beauty is not so hard to achieve. You just have to know how to enhance your natural features with the right kind of hues.


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