How To Make Blue Eyes Really Pop

For most people, blue eyes naturally stand out because of the sharp contrast that they have with the rest of the face and skin tone. But if you love your blue eyes, there are several ways to make your eyes pop even more and become the leading asset on your face. Here are some of the ways to do this.

  1. Wear black liner on the top of your eye lids. Black liner is often used on the bottom part of the eyes. Using black liner this way, however, will only minimize the size of your eyes and make your blue eyes seem cramped into the eye socket. By using black liner on the top of your eye lids, however, the eyes get the appearance of being deeply set which complements blue eyes. You have probably already heard of the eye compared to an ocean. With black liner on the top of your eyelids, this is easy.
  2. Use several shades of eye shadow. Blue jeans go along with a wide variety of colors, which is why most pants today are made in a shade of blue. Blue eyes work in the same way. There are plenty of colors that can work well with blue eyes, and the best way to highlight your eyes with colors is through the use of eye shadows in several shades. Several shades of pastel colored eye shadow will work wonders in bringing out the color in your eyes. Cream, soft pink, off-white, and other light pastel colors are great as the eye shadow for blue eyes. Apply these colors lightly and make sure to blend them into the lids so that your eyes get a gentle burst of colors.
  3. Use coral shades. Apart from pastels, coral shades work well with the eyes. Apply colors such as mauve over the eyelids, and combine these with darker eyes shadows to create contours that follow the natural shape of the eye lid. The crease should disappear fully under the darker coral eye shadows. The dark eye shadow will lead the focus away from the eye lids and into the eyes, and will create the impression of deeper and bluer eyes.
  4. Use shades of brown. On normal days, however, you can use lighter shades of brown on your eyes to make the eyes pop out in a simple and gentle way. In fact, most makeup artists use light brown colors such as taupe as the base for all eye makeup on blue eyes. Make sure that you blend the soft brown colors evenly. Add a few highlights such as a light coat of clear mascara or a very thin streak of eye liner and you are ready for a casual day at work or school.

Finally, make sure that you have a cleansing, toning, and moisturizing regimen to keep your face clean and supple. With a clean skin and even tone, your eyes will stand out. This regimen will also minimize the wrinkles on the corner of your eyes. Through these steps, getting vibrant blue eyes that pop out is easy.


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