How To Make Body Butter

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Body butter is one of the most indulgent treats for your skin. Unlike lotions and creams, well made body butter will last for hours and can transform dry and cracking skin into baby-soft skin. Body butter can be used not only to hydrate and revitalize tired skin, but also as a way of preventing scarring, stretch marks, and other blemishes from forming in the body. Making your own body butter is easy and a great way to save up on money. Here are the steps.

  1. Ingredients. You will need a pound of Shea butter, a pound of mango butter, 1/3 cup of avocado oil, 1/3 cup of almond oil, 1/3 cup of apricot kernel oil, a teaspoon of lanolin oil, four teaspoons of vitamin E, 3 tablespoons of jojoba oil, up to six spoonfuls of essential oils, and several drops of grapefruit seed extract.  If your local drug store and herbal shop does not have these items in stock, you can always check online shops which will ship these ingredients for you.
  2. Prepare the butter. The first step is to prepare the butter. The primary butter that you will use is the mango and Shea butter. These are very hydrating on the skin itself. It will act as the base for the body butter. Shea and mango butter is usually sold in pound blocks. Cut the blocks into small squares so that these will be easier to melt. Solid chunks of butter will burn outside by the time the inside parts have been broken down, which is why dicing these before melting is preferable.
  3. Melt. Melt the butter in a broiler using very low heat. Keep in mind that mango and Shea butter will usually melt when in contact with the skin. It will not take much heat and much time to melt these butter squares. Too much heat and too long a cooking time will only result in burnt butter. Once melted, transfer into a food processor and mix well. You can also use a hand mixer, but this process may take more time.
  4. Add oils and vitamins. The next step once the butter has been melted is to add in the oils and vitamins. Pour these very slowly into the mixture. Make sure that the food processor or mixer is still turned on as your pour, and make sure that the essential oils, vitamins, and minerals are all absorbed into mixture. You can also add fragrance into the butter at this stage, so that your moisturizing body butter will keep you smelling wonderful as well. You can add lavender, cedar wood, and rosewood into the mixture, or other fragrant oils you want.
  5. Store. You will know that the body butter is done when it has achieved the type of consistency and volume that will give the butter peaks when you stir it. Scoop the butter into small glass jars and then store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Use the body butter on yourself or give this as a gift for your friends during the holidays. By making body butter yourself, you are saving yourself plenty of money and giving yourself the ability to indulge in as much body butter as your skin needs.


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