How To Make Body Paint

Woman wearing body paint

Body paint is one of the easiest ways to show your support for a team in school, or as a way of decorating your body for dress up events during the holidays. Unlike tattoos, body paint is easy to remove after the event where you will need to paint yourself up. Unlike henna, these come in a wide variety of colors and can even be mixed with lotions and creams to ensure that they are gentle on the skin. Here are the steps to making your own body paint.

Using body cream

  1. Crush the food coloring tablets. Choose the food coloring tablets of your choice. These are available in most supermarkets, and come in small boxes. Make sure that you crush only a few tablets at a time. Use a mortar and pestle for this.
  2. Add to the body cream. Add the powdered colorants into the body cream. White colored body cream for the hand or body is best for this job, since it will absorb the colors well. Introduce a few crushed tablets into the mixture first, and then mix well. If you need a stronger color, then add more crushed tablets. If you need to lighten up the mixture, on the other hand, add more cream.
  3. Mix well.
  4. Store in jars. Store the body cream in small jars. The coloring tablets will not spoil when combined with the body cream, which means that you can prepare various colors days before the event where you will use the body paint. Because this type of body paint is made mainly from body cream, it is also very gentle on the skin and will easily wash off. You can even use your fingertips to apply the paint.

Using kitchen materials

  1. Combine solid shortening and cornstarch. You can also make body paint out of solid food shortening, cornstarch, and food coloring. The first step is for you to combine solid shortening and the cornstarch. Usually, one and a half tablespoon of shortening is combined for every 3 tablespoons of cornstarch. Add water and mix well. You should end up with a relatively thick paint base that has no color. If the cornstarch will not mix well or if you want thick paint, you can heat the mixture. The cornstarch will dissolve and become gluey.
  2. Add the food coloring. Add the food coloring little by little. Most food colorings available in the market come in small bottles. Add only a few drops first, since these food coloring pigments are very concentrated and can cover a large amount of food.  You can make a large batch of cornstarch and solid shortening base and partition these into smaller containers that will be mixed with different food colorants.
  3. Paint on. Use a small brush to apply the body paint into the skin. Make sure, however, that you use the materials within a few hours, because cornstarch will harden when exposed to too much air. Unlike body paint made from creams, this type of pigment can also spoil when not used immediately.

Go ahead and slather on some body paint. Place your team logo on your face, or your school flag on your body using body paint. Afterwards, simple take a warm bath and the pigments will rinse off easily from your body.


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