How To Make Braided Headbands

In the ‘70s and in the ‘80s, recycling old fabric pieces became highly fashionable.  From tees to sweat shirts, from tights to pantyhose – anything that can be stretched became a cool material in creating colorful braided headbands.  It readily became a fad since everybody can easily and quickly style one for himself. Now, if you are excited to make your own hip braided headbands, here are your pointers:

  • Step 1.  Open your closet.  Check out your old stuff.  Look for any stretchable fabric than you can reuse for this project.  You should start with your old tops – t-shirts.  Set aside the ones with exciting colors.
  • Step 2.  Ready your sewing machine.  See if you have the right needle and suitable threads for your preferred color scheme.
  • Step 3.  Gather your other sewing tools including a pair of scissors, some safety pins, and some elastics (1/4”).
  • Step 4.  Begin by cutting your selected fabric.  Your goal is to make some strips.  Each strip should be about 1” wide and 10” long.  You need about nine strips.  Be careful when you cut the strips.  You want the strips to be cut evenly.
  • Step 5.  Gather your nine strips.  Layer them.  Put one over the other.  And then, from one end, measure about half an inch.  Mark it.  Continue by sewing the strips together.  You can use your needle and your thread or you can run the strips under a sewing machine.
  • Step 6.  Get one of your elastics.  Sew one of its ends.  However, see to it that you fold over your fabric’s edges so you can properly secure your elastic.
  • Step 7.  Proceed by dividing your strips.  Make three sets of 3’s.
  • Step 8.  Braid each set of three strips.  Stop when you only have about an inch left.  And then, gather all the ends of your nine strips.  Sew them together manually or by using your sewing machine.
  • Step 9.  Position your elastic and your braided fabric around your head.  Move or adjust it until fits snugly or tightly.  Mark the fit by putting some pins on your elastic and your braided fabric.  
  • Step 10.  Take away the headband from your head.  Use your needle and your thread to sew together your elastic and your braided fabric.  Finish it neatly by wrapping around your elastic the edges of your braided fabric.  After you have accomplished this, your headband is ready to be worn.

This craft project is something that you can do with your beloved daughter, sister, mother, or some close female friends.  You can schedule this during the rainy days.  Or if you want to have fun, you can include this as one of your birthday party activities.  The braided headband can certainly serve as a wonderful memento for the time that you have shared.  You can even surprise your loved ones and friends.  Giving them personalized braided headbands is definitely delightful and touching.  And if you are enterprising, you can simply sell your finished products for a price and at the end of the day, enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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