How To Make Chocolate Scented Perfume

Some may love it while others may hate it but a chocolate scent for a perfume is something that you can consider.  Chocolates as a food is known to relax and the senses of most people, at least those that are not allergic to it. With that same logic, the scent of chocolate will probably have the same effect.  In fact, it can even lead people catching the scent somewhat hungry for a chocolaty dessert.  So the question know stands, are you interested in learning how to create a perfume that will produce a chocolaty scent?  If so, then here is a recipe you may find very effective.  The concoction you will be making can either be worn by you or given as a gift to your special someone. 

  • Start with the initial mixture.  The initial mixture will consist of alcohol, preferably vodka and chocolate scented oil.  Get a bowl and pour in half a cup of vodka.  Follow that with about 6 to 8 drops of the scented oil.  Stir the mixture as you place each drop of the oil with a spoon.  Once all the drops are in, stir the mixture more so that the oil and alcohol will blend together well.
  • Age the mixture.  The next step will be to age the mixture.  The more you age it, the more potent the fragrance will be.  At the minimum, you will want to age it for 2 days however, if you want a stronger scent to emanate from it, then you will definitely do well aging it for about a month or so.  Store it in a sealable container and place the container to sit in a cool, dry, and sunlight free area.  If this is your first try, then you may want to try out 2 to 3 days of aging first to get a feel of how strong the scent will be.  For the future batches, you can lengthen the aging until you get the appropriate aging time relevant to your preference.
  • Add water.  After the aging time you set for the perfume has passed, take the mixture out and pour in a couple of tablespoons of distilled water.  This will taper down the scent if it becomes too potent.  If you like the scent strength, then limit to a tablespoon of water instead.  The more you add, the less potent the fragrance will be.  Don’t forget to stir the concoction as you add the water.  Of course, don’t forget to sniff either.
  • Make it last longer.  The next step will be to add the element that will make the scent last a whole lot longer.  Glycerin is known to do just that.  Add a tablespoon of it into the mix and stir.

The final part of the process will be to filter you newly made perfume.  Use a coffee filter, one that is unused, to strain the tiny particles from the mixture.  Pour the filtered perfume in a glass bottle with a spraying lid.  If you plan to store the perfume, make sure that sunlight does not hit it.  Constant exposure to the sun will weaken the potency and may even alter the scent.


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