How To Make Cinnamon Scented Oils

One of the products that we use for our body is the oil. Health and beauty specialists even make them with various scents that we can choose from. Vanilla, strawberry, citrus and berries are just some of the scents that you’ll smell when you enter the body shops. One of the most bought oils is cinnamon scented oil. It’s got a sweet and tangy smell. This scent helps you relax when you inhale it. Cinnamon scented oil could be so addictive that you may want to always use it. So instead of spending money buying the product, start learning how to make it. The steps are very simple to follow. Also, you can make it as often as you like.

If you are interested in pampering you body with this product, then here are the steps on how to make cinnamon scented oils:

  1. Combine dypropylene glycol and cinnamon extract. Measure 3 ounces of dypropylene glycol. Then get 3 ounces of cinnamon extract. Pour the two ingredients in a clean bottle container. Cover it tightly with the cap. Shake well to produce the scented oil mix.
  2. Dilute oil mix in water. Measure 1 ½ ounces of the scented oil mix. Pour it in water. This helps tame the strong scent of the oil mix. Take note, raw oil can be dangerous to the skin.
  3. Heat the mixture. Pour the oil mix in a small pan. Turn on the stove and heat the pan. Mix the oil in low heat until it boils. Mix until the liquid evaporates.
  4. Add water. Measure ¾ cups of water. Pour it in the small pan. Stir continuously in low heat to blend the oil and water together. Then turn off the stove.
  5. Use the oil. Use the cinnamon scented oil right after brewing it. Massage it on your head and other body parts. Or put it in the bath tub filled with water for soaking. Let the aromatic scent give you the relaxation that your body needs.
  6. Dispose left over oil. Do not attempt to store the rest of the mixed oil. It can be poisonous. It can stink too after a while. Drain it in the sink while you wash the used kitchenware. Don’t forget to throw the other left over ingredients. Throw them once you have opened and used them.

The aroma of the cinnamon scented oil could be really relaxing. For a more calming sensation, light candles all over the bath tub. Combine the oil with moisturizing bubble soap to make your skin softer. Prepare some wine and food treats as you enjoy the pleasures of body pampering. Or maybe you’d like to read your favorite book as you soak in the bath tub. Let your body relax. It deserves a good treat after a tiring week. You don’t need to go to the spa to enjoy luxurious treatment. Just brew up your own cinnamon scented oils. Enjoy it right at the comforts of your own home.


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