How To Make Clip on Earrings from Pierced Earrings

Earrings are part of the world’s fashion. Earrings include studs, dangling and clip-on earrings. People even like to have more than just a pair of ear piercings so they can use multiple earrings at the same time. For those whose piercings have closed due to infection or clogging, clip-on earrings are the great alternative. You can buy clip-on earrings in any store that sells jewelry and accessories. But what about the pierced earrings you’ve accumulated over the years? It’s a shame to see them be put to waste. Convert these earrings into clip earrings. This way, you can still be fashionable even without ear piercing.

Here are the steps on how to make clip on earrings from pierced earrings:

  1. Get clip on backs and converters. Go to any jewelry store and get clip on backs and converters. These are also available in craft stores. Another option is to purchase them from online stores on the Internet.   
  2. Convert dangling earrings. For dangling earrings, you need to use clip-on converters that have extra small hoops in front. Get your pliers and pry the hoop apart. Place the charm from the dangling earring on it. Then carefully close the hoop.
  3. Convert regular pierced earrings. For this type, you need to use clip-on converters that have small tubes on its hinged back. Slide the pierced earring’s post into the top of the tube. Then gently bend the post forward. This will make the earring face out. Before you bend the post, make sure it is secure to the back of the earring. Take note: this converter only works for big pierced earrings.
  4. Get the “hoop” clip-on earrings. This earring type is made out of thin metal hoop. You can hang charms on it to make it look like a pierced earring. Hoop clip-on earrings give you the chance to design it your own way. These are available online and in all craft stores.
  5. Get the adhesive clip-on converter. Remove the post from the pierced earrings using the pliers. Then put attach the adhesive clip-on converter in the right place. These clip-on converters could also be purchased from online stores and the local craft stores.
  6. Get the magnetic clip-on back. You can also use the magnetic clip-on back as a converter. This works if the pierced earring to be converted is made of metal. This specialty item may not always be available in the local craft stores. But you will surely find these magnetic converters from the online stores.

Arts and crafts have a way of making unused items useful again. In this case, don’t let your pierced earrings go to waste just because your ear piercing closed up. Convert these earrings in to clip-on earrings. Use them as often as you. Put cushion pads for the clip lock if you plan to use the clip-on earrings for a long time. Tight clip locks could hurt your earlobes after a while. So protect your ears while being fashionable!


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