How To Make Clothing Store Displays

Boutique with dress displays

Advertisements take on many forms like banners on web pages or spreads in a magazine. One of the tried and tested ways to attract clients for your clothing shop, however, is through the store displays. As any clothing connoisseur knows, there is something different when the clothes are placed on display as opposed to when the clothes are simply on the pages of a magazine. A good clothing store display can help you emphasize the quality of your clothing products even more. Here’s how.

Create a theme. How a clothing store displays its clothing line is usually determined by a theme. Always make sure that you have the concept worked out on paper, before actually designing the clothing store display. This will minimize unnecessary work where you will mix and match the displays, racks, and design elements. Get the idea onto paper. Sketch out the layout of the mannequins, the various items in the shop, the shelves, the racks, and other store display elements.

Prepare the wall. The clothing store display should be seen as a multi dimensional area where the clothes are displayed. Unlike print advertisements, the shop display has length, width, and height, which you should use to your advantage. Begin by adding a background for the shop display, by working on the wall. Create prints for the wall by taking images that emphasize the clothes. You can create your own images, take photographs to be edited using image processing software products on the computer, purchase stock photos, or simply use unique wallpapers that have textures and prints that will emphasize your clothes.

Prepare the stands and racks. Next, take the racks, clothing bins, shelves, and stands and position them around the shop. Generally, you want the shop layout to emphasize the best sellers, which you can position in the center of the shop. Use shelves and stands to put these items on display. The other items that are regularly purchased but which your shop does not specialize in can be relegated into the sides and walls of the shop. Remember, however, that even   the walls need to be taken into consideration – the walls which are closest to the entrance should have your better items.

Add mannequins. The mannequin is still a common clothing store display tool. Even the best clothes will not stand out when folded and hung in the shop. But since hiring human models is out of the question, the mannequins are used to model your finest pieces. The signature look for the shop is usually used to cloth the mannequin. The theme for a given season is also used to clothe the mannequin. Usually, the mannequin on the window display is used for the latest clothing items, while the mannequins scattered inside the shop is used to display the constant best sellers.

Always make sure that your shop provides visual stimulation for the shoppers. Do this by ensuring that there is no empty space on the walls. Use colors and lines to add activity on all the surfaces of the shop, while maintain coordination and balance. Through these steps, displaying your clothing for your shop is easy.


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