How To Make Corn Oil

Corn oil is a very useful and versatile product. It is not just used for ordinary everyday cooking but can also be used to moisturize skin and prevent hair balls on animals. However, buying corn oil has become a bit of a problem. If you buy the more affordable ones, you do not know what is in there. If you buy the more expensive branded corn oil, yes the quality of the product may be better but it is too overpriced. That is why making your own corn oil is better. First you know that you are using natural ingredients and in the long run it becomes cheaper than buying expensive corn oil. The steps listed below will help you make corn oil:

  • Gather your equipment. Possibly the only expensive thing you need to buy is the mechanical press, which is an industrial equipment that exerts pressure on an object and extracts liquid from it. You can buy a mechanical press from this website. It may be pricey but think of it as an investment that will pay off in the long run. Next, you will need a bucket of water, bushels of corn and a strainer. You can get the strainer and corn in groceries and cooking sections of department stores.
  • Time to use the mechanical press. Just a tip, like any other piece of machinery, make sure to read the manual before using the mechanical press so as to avoid danger. If you can, consult first with a professional. First of all, grab your corn bushels, clean them, and put them in the press. Press on it and turn into pulp. As you do so, you will notice some watery pulp being forced out of the corn after every press. After every press, scrape the pulp off and deposit in the bucket of water. Keep doing this until you have used up all your bushels of corn.
  • Bring out the strainer. The next step will involve using the strainer. Have someone help you do in this step. Look at the bucket and you will see there, aside from the liquid, some solid remnants. Have someone hold the strainer for you. Make sure to put a container under the strainer. Grab the bucket and pour it in the strainer. By doing this, you are able to separate the solids from the liquids since you only need the liquids.
  • Set it aside. After straining the mixture, it is time to separate the water from the oil. Water and oil do not mix so one way of separating them is making the water evaporate completely. You can do this by leaving the bucket alone for a few days under the sun. Once it has totally evaporated, you are now left with genuine and natural corn oil. Simply gather it and store it in containers.
  • Some reminders. Do not worry about the initial cost of the mechanical press. Buying this and making your own corn oil will help you save money in the long run. Also, make sure the bucket and water you use are very clean since corn oil will be mostly used for cooking. Lastly, when leaving the bucket alone, make sure to cover it so nothing dirty gets to it.

By following the article, you now know how to make corn oil. You can now create your own brand, fill up some containers and sell your corn oil.


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