How To Make Cuticle Oil

Do you wish to take care of your manicured cuticles?  Well, consider using cuticle oil regularly.  You can massage your cuticles with it, especially after your manicure.  You can also rub it to your cuticles at least once a week to achieve healthy results.

Cuticle oil is commercially available anywhere.  However, most of them are a bit expensive, especially the scented variants.  If you are budget-conscious, you can always concoct your own homemade cuticle oil.  All you need to do is to experiment and combine stuff.  Here are your instructions:

  • Select your preferred oils.  You have a number of choices but the best ones include olive, lavender, jojoba, almond, rice bran, grape seed, almond, and Vitamin E.  You can combine two or three of them.  Put equal parts.  You can mix them in a jar.
  • Choose your natural scent.  It is always wonderful if your cuticle oil smells great.  After you have put together your oils, you can add a dash of orange, lemon, or oil for a more improved fragrance.

    You may also consider adding some essential oils if you desire a more soothing scent.  However, be more cautious.  Some essential oils may turn out to be harmful, especially if they can readily enter your blood stream.  Learn about essential oils before you mix anything.  Find out about the risk factors.

  • Mix your concoction.  Close your jar.  Make sure to cover it tightly.  Then, shake your mixture.  Do it vigorously so everything blends evenly.  After shaking it, your cuticle oil is ready to be used.

    If you feel that oil is too greasy, you can make cuticle cream instead.  Get a container and pour into it a portion of your preferred hand lotion.  You need about ¼ cup of it.  Then, add into your hand lotion little drops of your homemade cuticle oil.  And that’s it!  Your cuticle cream is ready.

    On the other hand, adding a small portion of tea tree oil to your homemade cuticle oil can aid your dry and cracked cuticles.  Since tea tree oil is a great natural antiseptic, it can lessen the pain that you have in your cuticles.  It can also function as anti-fungal, preventing fungus from growing in your nails.

    Note that you should use this more often, at least every other day, if you expect better and immediate results.  When applying the mixture, you should wear quality cotton gloves.  Apply it to your cuticles before you proceed massaging your nails.  Apply it before you go to sleep.

  • Store your cuticle oil properly.  Place it in a jar.  Keep the jar sealed.  Put the jar in a dark, cool environment.  However, if you are quite meticulous and you don’t want to waste your cuticle oil when you apply it, source a bottle that comes with a dropper! 

It is ideal to habitually massage your nails with cuticle oil.  Do it once weekly.  After enjoying a warm bath, you can put a few drops directly to your fingers and then, continue by massaging your cuticles and even your nails.  You can also use your cuticle oil if you need to pamper your feet or if you intend to soften the skin in your knees and elbows.


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