How To Make Damaged Hair Look Healthy

Hair becomes damaged because of factors such as exposure to the sun, smoke and other pollutants, and unhealthy hair styling. This leads to hair that is dull and lifeless with plenty of split ends that mark weak and fragile hair. Damaged hair can take a long time to heal, but there are ways to make your hair look healthier quickly.

Use conditioner. Conditioners will keep your hair smooth and stronger. There are plenty of conditioners today that have additional vitamins and hair nutrients that will keep hair stronger. Apply the conditioner on hair after shampooing and squeezing out the excess water. Leave on the hair for one to five minutes, depending in the level of conditioning that your hair needs. Rinse out the conditioner afterwards. Apart from the conditioner, you should also change to a gentler shampoo to help nourish your hair.

Use hair sealants. Leave on conditioners can be used to protect the hair after your shower. These leave on conditioners come in cream or spray form. Dry your hair after bath, and then apply the sealant onto your hair. The leave on conditioners and hair sealants will create a protective layer that prevents dirt from penetrating the hair and moisture from seeping out. This will keep the hair looking glossy all day long. These hair sealants also usually have hair softeners and hair vitamins.

Get a trim. Trimming your hair regularly is one of the most basic ways of keeping hair healthy and minimizing damage. As hair grows longer, the ends become more brittle and porous. The distance between the tips and the roots also means that the naturally produced oils in the scalp no longer reach the tips of the hair. By trimming your hair, you will reduce the porous ends that result in split ends. If you have permanently damaged sections of your hair through perming and other hair styling procedures, the trim will slowly phase out the damaged section. If you plan on keeping long hair, be sure to use hair moisturizers especially for the tips of the hair, which are the most vulnerable.

Treat gently. Today, there are literally hundreds of hair styling options available out there. Nonetheless, be sure not to undertake too many hairstyle changes that can damage the hair. Avoid coloring the hair excessively, and always use dyes that are gentle on the hair. After getting your hair colored, wait at least several months for the hair to return to its natural condition before applying another coat of color.  Apart from dyes, avoid curling and ironing the hair. Even blow drying, when used constantly, can reduce the sheen and strength of hair. Heat can greatly damage hair, which is why umbrellas are recommended when staying under the sun for long periods of time. As much as possible, use towels to gently squeeze out hair.

One of the first features that people see in your face is the hair. If you want great impressions, be sure to take care of your hair. These steps will easily transform how your hair looks, from damaged to healthy.


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