How To Make Easy Vintage Hair Bows

Wearing accessories can add funk and style to your wardrobe. Hair accessories such as fancy ponytails, statement headbands, bonnets, hats and bows are just some of the accessories that you can wear on your head to complement and liven up your wardrobe. Make hair bows made of antique jewels and buttons for that unique and creative style. Making vintage hair bows are easier than you think. This article will teach you how to make vintage hair bows in different designs and styles that you can use whatever kind of clothes you are wearing.

  • Buy trinkets that you will put in your hair bows. Visit vintage and antique stores and look for buttons, feathers, beads and jewels such as earrings that you will put on your bows. They are fairly cheap so you can splurge on accessories so you will have plenty to choose from.
  • All you need are bobby pins and hair clips. Bobby pins come in different sizes. Choose the biggest ones so you have enough space to glue in your trinkets for that vintage effect. Hair clips can also be bought without any decorations on it. Buy the ones that can gather your hair all at once. Or you can pick smaller ones for half-hairstyles. Headbands can also be used in this project. You can buy plain headbands and you will have a lot of space to accessorize it with vintage jewels.
  • Get hold of a glue gun and glue stick. These will be your weapon in making the vintage hair bows. You will be needing these to make the trinkets stick to the hair clip or bobby pin to avoid any fall offs.
  • Prep your hair bows. Prior to gluing the trinkets on the clips, match the hair clips and bobby pins or headbands to the trinkets that you will be putting on them. This will make your work faster because you no longer have to choose which ones to put on a single clip while gluing.
  • Heat the glue gun. Insert a glue stick into the glue gun and plug it into the socket. Heat it for about a minute before you start using. Be careful in using a glue gun because it can become very hot and might burn your hand if you handle it improperly.
  • Make the hair bows. Start with the first hair clip or bobby pin. Hold a button and glue the flat side of it onto the clip. Press down hard to make the button stick to the hair clip. Work your way through until you finish the very last hair clip. Let your finished products dry before using them.

Make this into your hobby during your free time and gift your friends and family members with your handmade hair accessories. Or you can mass produce and open up your very own hair accessories business that you can sell at bazaars and weekend markets in your village. You can also sell you wares over the internet. Online boutiques are the rage these days. Try your luck in business with these cute and unique vintage hair trinkets.


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