How To Make Eyes Look Asian

People in Europe and America usually have round eyes and the crease is very visible. This is different from most Asians. Their eyes are narrower and they usually do not have a pronounced crease. Their eyes look sexy and mysterious.

If you are attending a themed party and you choose to dress up like an Asian character, better make your features look more Asian. Since eyes are usually what distinguish Asian from others, you can make your eyes look Asian to match your outfit. You can also do this if you feel like experimenting and trying to change the way you look for the day. Other people really would like to have Asian eyes permanently, they resort to surgery. However, for your themed party or if you want to have a different look sometimes, you can do this with make-up. With the right eye shadow color, right stroke and a few tricks, you will have Asian eyes in minutes.

Here are the steps on how you can make your eyes look Asian:

  • Prepare the things that you will need in transforming your eyes to look Asian. The things that you will need are foundation that is a tone lighter than your skin, eye shadow (beige or white), black eyeliner and tape (transparent).
  • Use transparent tape to pull the sides of your eyes. Cut some transparent tape and stick one end of the tape on the side of your eye. Pull the tape towards your hairline so that your eyes will be stretched. These will look narrower and thinner. Put tape on the side of the other eye as well and pull the tape to the hairline so that both eyes will look the same.
  • Use rubber bands for your hair. To make your eyes even narrower, comb your hair and tightly secure this at the back using a rubber band. This will also stretch your eyes a bit helping your eyes look more Asian.
  • Apply foundation to cover the tape. Though you used a transparent tape on the side of your eyes, you can use a foundation to make it look more natural. Use a foundation that is lighter than your skin for just a tone. If you don’t have a foundation that is a tone lighter, you can use a foundation that is the same tone as your skin. Apply this on the area where the tape is to cover it.
  • Use the right color of eye shadow. Now that your eyes are narrower, you will now work with the crease of your eyes. Since Asian eyes usually do not have crease, you can use white or beige make-up to make your crease less visible. Apply beige or white eye shadow on the crease of your eyes. Make sure not to overdo this so that it will look more natural.
  • Use eyeliner to finish the look. Get black eyeliner and carefully start applying this from the corner of your eye just above your tear duct. Apply only a thin line and continue until your reach the other end of your eye. Once you reach the other end, curve the line so that it will be going up. This will give the illusion that your eyes are narrower. Do this on the other eye making sure you apply the same amount of eyeliner.

You now have an instant Asian eye look. Everyone will surely notice the transformation.


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