How To Make Face Powder

Face powder is one of the essential make-up items that a woman needs. Face powder is light. It removes shine from facial oils. For an immediate make-up repair, you only have to pat your face with a bit of powder to refresh it.

Face powder comes in different colors to complement different skin tones and skin types. Some brands are in loose face powder form, some are cake types. You can apply face powder with a brush or a sponge. No matter how expensive or cheap your brand of face powder is, the main point why a woman needs it is to even out skin tone, specially if you do not want to use foundation before you apply make up. You can use face powder as a base, apply blush over it and finish your make-up with a light dusting of loose face powder.

There are times when no matter how you try out different brands, you cannot find the right color to suit your skin. Sometimes you think you have bought the right one only to find out that it is either too light or too dark for your skin tone.  Moreover, it does take some time to use up one compact of face powder.

If you like experimenting and you have a lot of unused eye shadows and half-used blush lying around, you can make your own face powder. Oh, yes, you can!

Here are the things that you will you need:

  • Unused blushers and eye shadows in neutral and earth shades
  • Cornstarch
  • Several small ceramic or glass bowls
  • Spoons
  • Small marble mortar and pestle (optional)


  1. Remove the unused blushers and eye shadows from their casings.
  2. Place each color separately in bowls.
  3. Use the backs of spoons to crush the blushers and eye shadows, until they are fine. If you have a small marble mortar and pestle, that would make pulverizing the ingredients faster and finer. Just clean them before you crush other colors.
  4. Place cornstarch in separate bowls. The quantity depends on how much you want. Start with one or two tablespoons and add more as you go along.
  5. Add the blusher powder and a bit of eye shadow powder. Mix with the cornstarch. Continue adding color until you are satisfied with the color that closely resembles you skin color or something slightly lighter. You can test the color on the back of your hand.
  6. You can make several preparations by mixing cornstarch with other colors so you can have a variety but do not mix too much.
  7. For summer use, you can add eye shadow powders in darker earth colors to the cornstarch to highlight your tan or summer glow.
  8. For a glowing finish to any makeup, mix cornstarch with gold eye shadow. The iridescence from the gold will add a very light, golden shimmer to your face.
  9. Store your face powders separately in your favorite containers.

It really is not that hard to make some face powder at home. You can save money and have your own personal mix. So next time your eye shadows and blushers end up on the floor and break, do not lament. You can still use them. And invest in one of those large make up brushes intended for applying loose powder for an even application of your own personal blend.


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