How To Make Fingernails Stronger

Taking care of your fingernails doesn't start and end with getting a weekly manicure. In fact, this makes it even prone to brittleness. Without the weekly grooming, you can still take good care of your fingernails and avoid having them chipping off.

Take note of these tips to have stronger fingernails:

  1. Get proper diet and drink your vitamins. Of course, everything related to health is all about the food you eat. Food feeds our body all sorts of nutrients and our fingers take no exception to taking nutrients to stay firm and stronger. Our nails need calcium a lot and milk should be the best source for this. Drinking it regularly will help. But if you aren't a fan of milk, or may be suffering from lactose intolerance condition, you can substitute this with calcium tablets and supplements. Even multivitamins rich in magnesium is a good source.
  2. If you are constantly getting manicures, all the hash chemicals may make the cuticles drier and thinner. It's the same thing with constantly exposing your hands with products like detergents and dish cleaners. All these do damage to the hands and the fingers so make sure to massage with lotion daily, preferably one with Vitamin E. Before you go to bed at night, dab a little on your palm and spread this evenly, including your fingers.  You can also purchase cuticle oil at drugstores, beauty stores or the grocery. They only cost less than $2 at most. The oil will help retain moisture to your nails.
  3. Buy a nail hardener. This is also available at beauty stores and drugstores. Applying this at least two times weekly will give positive results to your nails.
  4. If you have to apply nail polish, get brands that come with less chemicals and are eco-friendlier to lessen the possibility of the nails getting weaker.
  5. Use rubber gloves whenever you are going to touch cleaning solutions or do your housework. This will protect your hands and fingers, preventing it from drying. Dry hands and fingers result to aging quickly.
  6. Never ever have the urge to bite your fingernails. Not only is this habit very bad, it's also unhealthy. If you have to trim it down, use proper tools like a nail cutter, and then use a nail file to smoothen the edges. Do both this process regularly, preferably when you step out of the shower, as nails are softer to cut and file.
  7. If you develop an ingrown, use a nipper to trim this down. Keeping it on will only be painful and bothersome.
  8. Your nails also need to “breathe”. Take a nail polish break once in a while and let your fingers naturally grow and retain its original color back.

Healthy nails will always make a good impression. As you use your hands for nearly everything, you must consciously make an effort to take care of it to make a very good impression.


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