How To Make Flower Hair Clips

There are many types of small silky flowers that look good as fillers in an artificial flower arrangement. These can be turned into cute hair accessories that are very fashionable. Little girls and babies will be very happy to wear flowers in their hair. Below are a few tips on how to make flower hair clips.

  • You can use old hairpins, barrettes and alligator pins for this project. The other things you will need are assorted artificial flowers in different sizes and colors, fabric glue, hot glue gun and ribbons, though this is optional. You also need large beads, buttons or sequins for the flower centers.
  • For medium-size silk flowers, remove the plastic center and take the petals apart. Arrange them according to size and order. If there are small leaves attached to the stem, get at least a couple of these.
  • Glue the petals in the center, following the order in which they were arranged on the stem. Add a bead, sequin or button in the middle of the flower. Glue the small leaves on opposite sides under the first set of petals. You can also twist a short piece of green ribbon, add a bit of glue to join the ends and attach this to the underside of the bottom petals. Make another on for the other side. Attach the flower to the hair clip with hot glue.
  • If you have very small and dainty flowers, just trim off the plastic stem at the base of the flower and seal it in place with hot glue. Three small flowers can be arranged in a row along a barrette. Shorter hair pins can have just a single flower on one end.
  • For an experienced crafter you can also make your own flowers using a fabric with silky or satin finish. Make a pattern for a flower with five rounded petals. Trace this on the material and cut out three full flowers. Cut out five individual petals from the material, approximately the same size as the full flower. Cut three smaller petals and one round piece for the backing.
  • Singe the edges to crimp them. This next step takes a bit of practice. Hold the cut materials near the flame of a lighter to singe the edges of the flower and petals. Use a pair of craft tweezers to hold the smaller parts. Do not put the fabric directly over the flame. Just hold them close enough as the heat will crimp the edges and make the petals curl up.
  • Assemble the flower by joining the three full flowers, alternating the position of the petal tips. Use just a bit of fabric glue. Now arrange the five individual petals into the center of the full flower and glue them in place, followed by the three small petals. Glue a darker color bead or sparkly gem on the center of the flower.
  • Slip the round piece of material you have cut into the alligator pin and glue the fabric in place on the underside of the upper prong. Place hot glue around the edge of the circular fabric and along the top surface of the prong and attach your flower to the pin.

Practice creating different ways to make flower hair clips. There are many pictures that you can find on the Web as well as step-by-step tutorials to help you with a project like this. Who knows, you may be able to turn this into a small side business when you have gained more experience.


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