How To Make Flowing Waves for Your Hair

Using hairspray

Having long, straight hair is an advantage in itself because you are able to make different hairstyles without having to permanently change it. Sometimes, wearing your hair straight all the time can be boring, and pulling it back does not do any good. You can look sexy and add some excitement to your hairstyle by making flowing waves out of your straight hair, without having to permanently perm it.

There are several ways of adding waves to your hair. The first one is to braid it, the second one is to use hair curlers, and the third way is to use hair iron to temporarily perm it.

Braiding is the simplest way to make flowing waves to your hair. After shampooing, towel dry your hair until it is no longer dripping. Comb your hair to take out the remaining water, and then put on some hair styling mousse before you start braiding it. If you want small waves, partition your hair into more portions and make more braids. If you want bigger waves, make four partitions for braiding. Braid all your hair and use elastic bands at the ends to secure it. Leave it that way overnight. In the morning, take off the elastic bands and unbraid your hair gently. Do not comb it, as it will remove the waves. Blow dry your hair so the waves will show. Use your fingers to comb your wavy hair, and if you want it to last throughout the day, use hairspray.

Braiding gives your hair a zigzag wave. If you want a smooth curl, use hair rollers. Put on some hair mousse and comb your hair to spread it. Partition your hair evenly, twist your hair and roll it on the roller. Secure it with elastic bands that come with the roller. You can leave it overnight or a few hours before you leave the house. Take off the rollers and do not comb the hair, not even with your fingers. Apply hairspray to let the curls last for hours.

You can also curl your hair and create sexy waves by using a curling iron. Comb your hair and start curling from the bottom. Pull up your hair and leave some strands to curl. Wrap the hair around the curling iron carefully so your skin does not get in contact with it. Let the heat treat your hair for a few seconds. Then move on to the next portion of your hair. Do this until all your hair has been curled. You no longer need to apply hairspray if you are going to an event that will only last three hours.

You can also curl your hair using a straightening iron. This is even safer since the hot iron is not exposed when you are using it. Instead of wrapping the hair around a hot iron, press the hair and twist the straightening iron inwards or outwards, hold this position and press the hair until it reaches the tip. What happens is that the hair curls to the direction of the iron.


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