How To Make Ginger Body Scrub

Ginger grating

Going to the spa to get a body scrub sure sounds like a great way to unwind, relieve stress and rejuvenate one’s skin—until they hand you the bill.  But did you know that you can actually make your own home-made body scrubs? A great main ingredient you can put in a homemade body scrub is ginger. Ginger is known to help relieve arthritis when used in massaging affected areas and for its many health benefits when digested. Learn how to make ginger body scrub by following these steps:

  1. Prepare the ingredients you will be using for this project. You will be needing: ginger root, ginger root essential oil, mandarin oil, ginseng powder, lime essential oil, almond oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E, a cup of sea salt, a couple of lemons and oranges, a sharp knife, a fine grater, a grinder, glass mixing bowl and a spatula. You can get the essential oils in Chinatown or specialty stores.
  2. Get the ginger root and wash it. Cut a portion of the ginger root, about half the size of your thumb. Remove the skin of the ginger root carefully with the knife.
  3. Grind the peeled ginger root. If you don’t have a grinder or food processor, mince the ginger root as finely as you can. Set aside the ground ginger.
  4. Wash the citrus fruits for this project. Pat them dry. Grate the lemon to get lemon rinds. Use light strokes when grating because you only want the yellow part of the lemon skin, not the pith (the soft white portions of the lemon skin.  Collect about a teaspoonful of lemon rind. Follow the same process to extract orange rinds. Collect about a teaspoonful of orange rind. Set aside.
  5. Put a tablespoonful of ginseng powder into the bowl. Combine the one cup of sea salt, six drops ginger root essential oil, three drops of mandarin oil,  two drops of lime essential oil,  a teaspoonful of almond oil, a teaspoonful of rosehip oil, a teaspoonful of  vitamin E. Use the spatula to thoroughly mix these ingredients together. Set aside the mixture for thirty minutes and cover the mixing bowl.
  6. You can also experiment with the amount of essential oils and the combination of essential oils for your body scrub to come up with the scent more soothing and pleasant to you. You can try mixing the essential oils in a separate bowl first and smell the results. Add as much oil as you deem fit. However, it is a good idea to start with a few drops first because once you put that drop in, there is no turning back.
  7. When the thirty-minute wait is done, open the mixing bowl. The oils and salts should be separated by now. Add the orange lemon rinds. Mix them using the spatula.
  8. Using the spatula, scrap off the mixture from your mixing bowl and transfer the contents to an airtight container and close it. Voila! You now have your homemade ginger body scrub.
  9. To use the ginger body scrub, dampen your skin with water. Get a small portion of the ginger body scrub and apply it onto your skin with slow, circular motions. Massage for around thirty seconds. Rinse off with warm water afterwards, pat yourself dry and enjoy the smell and soft feeling of your rejuvenated skin.

There you have it: fairly simple steps on how to make ginger body scrub. You don’t need to stick to the proportions of the essential oils used in this recipe—you can always concoct your own. Enjoy!


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