Making Gold Teeth: Gold Grill Molds

Learn How To Make Gold Teeth Grills Without the Help of a Dentist

Gold teeth

Are you looking to update your look with a gold grill or just a single gold tooth? You don't have to spend a lot of money. You can make gold teeth all on your own. All you need to do is follow these instructions.

Step 1

Materials required for making gold teeth.

  • Dental molding kit - clay and molding tray
  • Gold sheets
  • Sharp utility knife
  • Hand torch
  • Shaping tools
  • Gold polish
  • Cloth

Step 2

Make the mold. When you want to make a gold grill, start with your own teeth and practice this skill before moving on to someone else because gold teeth grills can be challenging. Using the molding kit, place the clay/jelly onto the mouth tray then fit the tray into your mouth. It usually takes a few minutes of holding the tray still and secure over your teeth while the mix hardens. Take deep breaths through your nose to avoid gagging on the chemical taste.

Step 3

Let the mold harden. Follow the instructions to let the mold harden and dry for your gold teeth grills. Cover the mold with jeweler's wax. The wax helps keep the gold from sticking to your mold so this step is very important. 

Step 4

Cut a small section of gold sheet. This will be fitted over the mold teeth so judge by the size of your mold and the number of teeth you will be covering with this one grill. You can do up to six teeth with a single grill piece.

Step 5

Use torch to heat the gold. Holding the gold sheet piece over the front of the tooth mold, start to slowly heat the gold so that it covers the mold teeth. Fold the sheet over the top of the tooth so that some of the gold covers to the back. Once you have the basic fold over the tooth, remove the heat. Don't hold the torch too close, you want to keep the gold soft but not liquid for this type of mold shape.

Step 6

Shape the gold tooth. Using tools, shape the gold so that it covers the tooth mold area and then defines the tooth shapes. If the gold starts to resist use the torch to warm the gold again.

Step 7

Allow the gold to cool. Once you have the desired shape, let the cold cool in place for an hour.

Step 8

Remove the gold teeth from the mold then polish. Most people prefer a high shine to their gold teeth so be sure to buff the gold until it shines. File off any sharp edges before putting the grill over your own teeth.

Learning how to make gold teeth and then actually making gold teeth will take some practice to get the right thickness and shape. Spend some time and have patience and you'll be able to create a look you'll love and your friends will admire. These techniques are similar to making gold jewelry so once you learn one you can transfer the skills to the other trade.


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