How To Make Hair Extensions into a Ponytail

Hair extensions are great because they give a visual effect of longer hair as well as making thin hair look thicker. However, hair extensions can hinder you from having different hairstyles because of the risk of ruining the attachments. Most people with hair extensions leave the hair styling to a professional hairdresser to ensure that the integrated hair remains intact. Nonetheless, you can use other hairstyling methods such as a simple ponytail with hair extensions by following these suggestions:

  1. You will need track hair extensions, needle and thread. Take note that the track hair extensions are of the same color with your hair. Make sure too that the color of the thread blends with your hair color.
  2. In order to make hair extensions into a ponytail, the length should at least be on the shoulder level. Otherwise it will be difficult to braid and tie the hair around.
  3. If you don’t want to use braids or glue in attaching the extensions, you can use the new method of invisible hair weave in which each strand of hair extension is looped with the natural hair. But this may take longer and the process is more tedious. At any rate, you can try this method as you wish with an assistant.
  4. Get ready to braid the hair by combing it thoroughly to remove tangles if there are any. Use a big toothed comb first to loosen the hair and followed by a fine-toothed comb to smoothen the strands.
  5. Form your hair into a tight single braid. Make sure there are no loose strands falling on the sides. After braiding, prepare the needle and thread. The thread should neither be too long nor too short. Very long thread may result to knots as you seam along the hair.
  6. Next, position the track extensions on the hair, at the end part of the braid. With one hand, hold the hair tightly and start stitching the hair and track together with your other hand. Do this on and on, rethreading the needle as necessary until you are sure the extensions are securely in place.
  7. After sewing the braid and hair extensions together, hold the hair on the part where the braid and track are joined together. Pull it up to form a ponytail. Get a small lock from the hair extensions and wrap it around the attachment. Secure the end of the lock with bobby pins. Use soft and bendable bobby pins so you will not feel the prick on your head when you rest back your head on a chair or your bed at night.
  8. You may tie a ribbon with the same color as your hair to really camouflage the attached portion and to hide the bobby pins and thread.
  9. Gently brush the ponytail to keep each hair strand in place. You may keep this hairstyle for as long as the track is in place, usually up to four weeks or more. You can wash your hair gently, letting water flow over it mildly. 

Wearing ponytail hair extensions can enhance your overall appearance. Be careful though, not let anyone pull it or the ponytail might come off. Also, avoid staying too long in windy outdoors and keep your track and hair away from flames, as synthetic hair extensions are prone to fires.


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