How To Make Hair Grow Faster

Hair loss and hair fall can significantly make your hair look thin and unattractive. There are many recommended ways to make hair grow faster. But alas, none guarantees sufficient results. If you get your hair cut too short and do not like the effect, you will probably be anxiously awaiting for your hair to grow back to its original length.  Although there are no legitimate medicines or applications that can bring your hair to its fullest potential (how it used to be), proper care can actually yield beneficial results.

Here are helpful tips to help your hair grow faster.

  • Get a regular trim at least once a month. Trimming your hair regularly can eliminate deterioration of split ends. Regular physical outdoor activity exposes you to direct heat of the sun and thus, you risk losing your hair’s natural oil. Split ends are easily breakable and can cause your hair to have uneven strands. Your hair will grow fuller and healthier if you get rid of split ends.
  • Ask a hair specialist about ways to make your hair grow faster. Be sure the person is a hair specialist and not a stylist. The only proven way of fast growth of hair is seen in pregnant women. Some have actually assumed that prenatal vitamins can be attributed to this phenomenon. Doctors reason though that it is the woman’s changing hormones that affect hair growth. Some would recommend a daily dose of multivitamins particularly Vitamin D and E that helps hair grow stronger and healthier.
  • Eat healthy foods. Healthy and nutritious foods, especially fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C, can help increase growth of your hair. Drinking plenty of water and proper exercise can help your blood circulate better all the way to your scalp.
  • Get enough sleep every day. Enough sleep can provide your hair the nutrients that it needs. On the contrary, if you lose sleep you would clearly notice your hair getting dry and weak.
  • Avoid junk food, alcoholic drinks and smoking. Unhealthy ways lead to unhealthy overall disposition and it is not just your hair. Smoking can take away necessary nutrients from your hair. Not to mention, you look older and unhealthier. Everything else follows.
  • Massage your scalp regularly. Daily massage can help produce natural oil in your hair. It will also help your hair grow shinier and healthier. Don't you wonder why beauty salons massage your hair for a long period of time? That is the primary reason.
  • Avoid hair treatments and the like.  As you patiently wait for your hair to grow longer, make sure that you avoid application of chemical treatments. Chemical reactions can make your hair lose natural nutrients and increase chances of getting split ends.
  • Keep a lighthearted attitude.  A stressed and mood not only makes you look ugly and old, but it also helps increase the chance of hair loss. Physical and emotional changes brought about by stress can stunt your hair growth leading to damage.

Hair grows to approximately ½ inch per month. If you diligently follow the steps above, you can help your hair grow to its fullest potential.


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