How To Make Hair Grow Faster and Thicker

Girl with split ends

No, Rapunzel did not have any secret in growing her hair thick and long enough to be used as a ladder for the witch to climb on to get to the tower. The truth is – there is no real formula to make hair grow faster and thicker. Hair growth rate on a monthly basis is only about one half to one inch on the average. There is nothing you can actually do about this because it is mostly genetic. The good news is - you can improve the growth potential of your hair through these techniques:

  1. Keep your hair healthy by washing it regularly with nutrient-enhanced shampoo. You may want to use a protein-enriched shampoo, which is always available in groceries and malls. Make sure though, that such kind of shampoo will not damage your hair. It is best to know your hair type first before using any kind of shampoo to avoid drying and brittleness.
  2. Groom your hair at least once a month. If your hair has split ends, it means it is not healthy so trim it off. Cut it according to your desired shape (layered or straight) before you start to let it grow. If your hair is very short, let it grow a little more until your ears are fully covered before you shape it.
  3. Excellent blood circulation enables blood oxygen to reach all parts of the body, hence promoting good performance of body organs. The same can also be true with the hair. By massaging the scalp for about five to ten minutes, the blood circulation is improved thus enhancing hair growth. One way of massaging the scalp is by brushing your hair with a brush with rounded tips. Unbelievable maybe, but the fabled 100 brush strokes indeed works as the continuous brush strokes stimulate blood circulation along the scalp and hair follicles.
  4. Avoid making complicated hairstyles. Twisting, teasing, pulling, tying, curling and ironing the hair can loosen the hair roots and damage the hair texture thus resulting to hair fall.
  5. As much as possible, stay away from hair treatments while your hair is still in the process of growing out. Perms, colorings and any chemical curing can damage the hair and may even cause split ends. However, hot oil treatment is recommended as it stimulates the scalp, thus making your hair grow thicker and fuller.
  6. Have your daily dose of multivitamins. It has been proven by scientific research that lack of iron, especially among women, attributes to less dense bones and hair loss. Consult your doctor if you need to take extra doses of iron, but be careful not to take it without professional advice. At any rate, make sure that you have sufficient vitamin supply to your body by eating nutritious foods particularly those rich with Vitamin C and iron.

The hair defines the face. Full, thick and long mane is the dream of any woman. Yet sometimes, in their desire to grow their hair faster and thicker, some women go overboard just to attain such an aim. Hence, they make use of chemical products and employ all sorts of techniques to hasten the effect. Here’s one advice: relax, take it easy and just take care of your hair properly. In time, it will grow to your desired length and fullness without necessarily obsessing over it.


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