How To Make Hair Shine with Honey

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Honey is all around stuff. It can be used in the kitchen as a sweetener. It can also be taken as an energy-giving supplement. It is even considered for its curative and preventive benefits for various ailments and known worldwide for its cosmetic use. Honey is usually mixed with commercially produced cosmetic goods such as lotion, soap, shampoo and moisturizer. One of the wonders of honey that is being talked about lately is its ability to make hair shine radiantly. What’s nice about this is you don’t need to buy expensive honey-treated shampoos and hair lotions to achieve the hair glow that honey provides. The truth is – you can do it yourself at home with the following suggestions:

  1. Apply honey directly to your hair before shampooing. The hair should be wet enough before the application as it will be hard to apply honey on a dry hair because of its stickiness. After covering your hair with honey, leave it for about half an hour then shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Apply your usual conditioner, wash lightly and towel dry your hair. Untangle the knots by combing your hair. When completely dry, run a soft brush for about five minutes through your hair and you will notice its extraordinary shine and glow. To maintain the shine of your hair, do this procedure regularly, at least once a week.
  2. Another technique in making your hair shine with honey is by mixing honey with your hair conditioner. The honey must be pure and unadulterated to achieve a concentrated mixture. Massage the conditioner with honey on your hair for about five minutes. Leave it on for another five minutes before rinsing. You will notice that when mixed with conditioner, honey loses its stickiness, thereby making it easier to apply on the hair.
  3. Mix honey with these ingredients: olive oil, xanthan gum and essential oil. Follow this procedure:

  • In a bowl, mix together one half cup of honey, one fourth cup of olive oil, one teaspoonful xanthan gum and four drops of essential oil if you want to put scent to the mixture. Make sure the olive oil is warm to help reduce the stickiness of the honey.
  • Wash your hair first with your regular shampoo to get rid of grime and dirt.
  • Apply the honey and olive oil mixture on wet hair making sure you cover the roots to the tips. Do it evenly on all sides of your head.
  • Cover your head with a warm towel (pre-ironed or steamed) and leave it on for half an hour to one hour. You may do some tasks or chores around the house while waiting for the time to take off the towel.
  • Rinse your hair first with warm water followed by cool water. Shampoo your hair again and wash off very well. Dry your hair with a hair blower or just leave it on to dry by itself. Brush it gently to bring out its beautiful shine. 

Since honey is a versatile product, you can actually invent your own mixture to make your hair shine. Be reminded that always that when applying honey on hair, it should be mixed with other substances such as oil, shampoo or conditioner to remove its stickiness and to make application easier.


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