How To Make Hair Stay in Place without Hairspray

Using mousse

Hair spray is one of the most essential hair products, as it keeps the hair intact for hours. It is especially helpful when you are going to attend an outdoor party and you don’t want your hair to get messed up by sudden gusts of wind. But there are downsides with using hairspray. One, it is difficult to wash off because it hardens the hair. Two, your hair looks unnaturally stiff, making you feel uneasy about it. And three, it contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer as proven by scientific findings. Now, if you are one who would rather go for a natural look, here are tips on how to make your hair stay in place without hairspray:

  1. Invest on hair accessories that will help hold your hair in place. These are: bobby pins, clips, headbands, hair net, hair gel, mousse, scrunchies and bandannas.
  2. Learn how to do your hair with the above mentioned hair accessories. You may get ideas from hairstyling and fashion magazines. You can also get help from your own hairdresser by asking her to demonstrate to you how to attach the accessories to your hair following particular hairstyles.
  3. For a neat and clean look, you may opt for a simple ponytail. What you should do is to comb your hair first with a fine toothed comb. Next, divide your hair in two. If you have bangs, leave the bangs down to your forehead or comb it to one side and clip it with a dandy hairclip. Meanwhile, twist both sides of your hair and secure with bobby pins. The color of the bobby pins should blend with your hair color. (Black bobby pins on blond hair are a big no-no.) Lastly, pull up your hair at the back and wrap the scrunchies around several times until it gets tight. If you don’t want loose strands falling off from the pony tail, you may fold a hair net over it and secure with more bobby pins.
  4. For a more carefree look, you may use gel or mousse. Apply gel or mousse on wet hair and brush it back. The hair stays in place even when it dries because of the gel or mousse. You may use a headband to achieve a trendy look.
  5. Another way of making hair stay in place without hairspray is by using a bandanna. This is advisable especially when you are going for a drive in an open vehicle such as a top-down car. Simply place the bandanna over your head and tie it under your chin or at the back of your neck. Zap it up with a cool pair of shades for that total jet-set look.
  6. If your hair is long and you want to keep it free flowing, you can make it stay in place by twisting the sides and securing the twists behind your ears with bobby pins or colorful hair clips. Brush down the sides and back and let it flow naturally to its full length.

You can create many hairstyles and still make your hair stay in place even without hairspray. When you are not very busy, try experimenting and practicing on your hair and discover what other styles you can do with it without using hairspray.


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