How To Make Hair Tracks from Extensions

The best way to attain an instantly fuller and longer look for your hair is to make use of hair extensions. However, hair extensions can be expensive. If you are the kind of person who likes to change your hair from short to long now and then, you might burden yourself with the costs. The solution here is for you to learn how to make hair tracks from extensions. Making hair tracks is less expensive because you are actually bundling the extensions together, as compared to per strand hair extensions, which are very tedious and costly. With hair tracks, you will be able to maximize the use of hair extensions with your own method.

You might want to follow these suggestions in making hair tracks from extensions:

  1. To make hair tracks from extensions, prepare these materials: hair clips, needle, thread, scissors and of course, hair extensions.
  2. Make sure that the hair extensions you are going to use blend with the color of your hair. Also, take note of the material they are made of. Obviously, extensions made from natural hair are more expensive. But if you will just search well, you will find many kinds of hair extensions of good material with reasonable prices.
  3. Examine your hair – its thickness, length and texture – to give you an idea as to how many tracks you need to fashion. The thicker your natural hair is, the fewer tracks you need. In the same way, the longer your hair is, the shorter the tracks you have to create.
  4. If you want to make your hair look fuller, you can fold one strip of extensions in two so you will be able to make more tracks out of the remaining extensions you have. Clip the tracks together at one end to form a weft. On the average, you will require two hair tracks for each portion.
  5. Spread the weft on a surface and inspect if it is in straight line and well aligned. Adjust the lengths by fixing the fold or trimming the ends slightly.
  6. Start sewing the tracks by inserting the needle on the holes of the hair clip, starting from one end going to the other end. The hair clip and thread colors must also go with the color of the tracks. Do it over again until you are sure the tracks are well in place.   
  7. Don’t be tempted to attach the tracks together directly with the needle and thread without the hair clip. Take note that the hair clip is indispensable because it helps secure the extensions more securely on your hair.
  8. After you have assembled your hair tracks, fasten them now to your hair. Do this by dividing your hair into sections where the hair tracks will be applied. Leave some natural hair on the outer part of your crown to cover the attachments so the whole set up will merge nicely.

In making hair tracks from extensions, make sure you purchase high quality materials from authentic cosmetic supply stores. Brands normally define the prices of beauty products but there are stores that offer good deals to costumers. You may want to try beauty stores online for more choices and good bargains.


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