How To Make Hairspray

One of the most essential beauty products that a woman must have is hairspray. Women are fond of changing their hairstyle, and they need to use hairspray every so often to keep their hair in place. However commercial hairspray can cause damage to the hair because of its chemical components. Hairspray when used frequently can also dry up the hair, leading to split ends. Worse, scientific findings show that hairspray emits CFC (chlorofluorocarbon), a kind of chemical that harms the environment. Yet you can make your own natural hairspray and not worry about the harmful effects of commercial products. Follow the steps below on how to make hairspray:

  1. You need to prepare these things to make a hairspray: essential oil (scented) two cups of water, one lemon (or two, depending on desired strength of the hairspray), simmering water (in a medium sized pot) and a juice extractor (optional).
  2. Wash the lemon very well to get rid of dust, grime and bacteria. Remember that you will be using the hairspray on your hair so it is important that it is clean, free of bacteria and contamination and totally safe to use. What you don’t like to happen here is for you to inhale a possibly contaminated hairspray, as there is a danger for you to ingest the bacteria that may cause allergy or other forms of illnesses.
  3. With a sharp kitchen knife, divide the lemon in halves. Extract the juice by putting each half on the juice extractor. If you have no juice extractor, you can just squeeze each slice of lemon over a bowl. Leave the lemon slices on the bowl while you add two cups of water. Be very accurate with your measurements by using measuring cups. If you go beyond the suggested water measurements, the end product might be too diluted and the mixture will weaken.
  4. Simmer two cups of water in a pot. Next, immerse the bowl of lemon juice with water into the pot. Don’t discard the lemon slices, as they will provide a nice scent later when the mixture starts to simmer. Let it simmer until the lemon and water mixture has decreased substantially.
  5. Transfer the lemon and water mixture into a bowl lined with cheesecloth (for straining) or place a strainer over a bowl as you pour the substance.
  6. Leave the mixture for a while to cool (refrigerate, if you want to cool it faster) while you prepare the spray bottle where you will finally store the hairspray. You can buy a spray bottle in home furnishing or beauty stores at a very affordable price. Or you may use any used and empty spray bottle available in your home. Just make sure you wash and dry it thoroughly before using.
  7. When the hairspray has completely cooled, pour it in the spray bottle. Add some drops of essential oil to enhance its scent. Keep the hairspray refrigerated and take it out only when needed.

Aside from this procedure, there are many other methods of making hairspray. Some people use water and sugar while others add some egg white to make the mixture foamy. You can research on the Internet for more suggestions and decide which procedure best suits your liking.


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