How To Make Hands Look Younger

Who would ever want to be regarded as old or aged? By looking at the hands of a person, you can already tell her age. Because of this, it is important to keep your hands clean and young looking, since they are one of the most exposed areas of the body used for interaction.

It is important to know that aging is also revealed in the hands. This is because the skin that covers the hands is very delicate so that the veins are easily exposed with dry skin. The fat under this skin lessens as the person grows older, thus making it loose, dry and ugly.

The hands need extra care to avoid or lessen age spots. Here are some simple ways to maintain younger looking hands:

When at Home

  • Too much washing of the hands can cause dryness and cracks. To keep the natural moisture, make sure that you protect your hands with gloves when having contact with harsh chemicals, soaps, and detergents. Also, applying moisturizer will be of big help to keep the hands from dryness.
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands when doing heavy housework or on cold weather.
  • Use only mild soap for your hands with the right pH level.
  • The way you hydrate your body affects the skin that covers it including the skin of the hands. The right proportion of your fluid intake should be half that of your body weight.
  • There are anti aging creams that you can apply to supplement nutrients needed to keep the hands young looking. You can start applying anti aging treatments as early as 20 years old. Also make sure to use only hand creams that are fortified with vitamins.
  • It is also important to exfoliate the hands at least twice a week to remove the dead cells. This can be done by scrubbing the back of the hands with lemon and sea salt solution.
  • Your cuticles also affect the way your hands look so make sure that they are neat and clean.

When Outside

  • Protecting the hands with sunscreen is a must when outside. This will help protect the hands from the harmful rays of the sun that cause wrinkles and sunspots. It is important to note that the skin at the back of the hands are thin, thus can easily dry and crease. So make sure that you always carry a sun block lotion in your purse.
  • Make sure that you only get the service of highly regarded nail salons that practice proper sanitation. This will prevent you from having infections.

Sometimes, we forget that it is not only the face that needs pampering but also the hands. Caring for the hands should be given attention early in our younger years to prevent damages in the future. However, no matter what age you are now, it is never too late to pamper your hands and stop the further damage.  Take care of your hands the way you take care of your face and reveal your youthfulness and not your age.


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