How To Make Hemp Jewelry

It is not really the first thing that comes to mind when people deal with anything related to cannabis, or more easily known as weed. But before making something or anything out of hemp we have first to understand what really hemp is. Hemp is, in essence, the fibers of the plant cannabis spun into twines. It is this hemp twine that is used for making jewelry or other hand-made products of the same irk.

One of the more popular reasons why hemp is used for making jewelry is because of its surprising practicality. It is comparatively cheap and comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Examples of the common use of hemp twine are for dog leashes and for gift accents.

The most common kind of jewelry that is made out of hemp twine is the necklace, basically because it is the easiest to do with the biggest retail value. Although the natural brown is still the one that attracts the most attention and is associated the most with hemp twine, other colors also exist. The usual thickness of the hemp used is the very common 20lb or 1mm twine, but also never forget to make sure the evenness of the twine is checked. Normally for hemp necklaces, it’s just the hemp that is used however it’s also practiced to utilize other materials such as beads or charms or just about anything else, and at times there are those that use a metal clasps to finish of the necklace.

In making hemp jewelry it helps greatly to be familiar on how to macramé, since a lot of the elbow grease will be coming from tying knots.

There are two basic knots used in making the hemp necklace, and it is these knots that make up the look of the piece that runs along through it. These knots employ the use of four separate lines of hemp. To achieve a flat pattern you simply alternate one knot over another and for a pattern that looks like a double helix (or the DNA) you just repeat the same knot over and over until you finish the whole length.

In finishing your hemp necklace there are many options that you can go for, such as the very basic and easy to execute Tie Ends, to the usage and/or combination of Beads, Buttons or Knot Clasps, to the Slider-Knot or to the aforementioned Metal Clasps.

Aside from the basic Hemp Necklace a lot of other stuff can be made with the use of Hemp and these are some of those, from the mundane to the outrageous:

  • Hemp Bracelets
  • Hemp Anklets
  • Hemp Earrings
  • Hemp Sacks
  • Hemp Bags
  • Hemp Shirts
  • Hemp Patches
  • Hemp iPod Holders
  • Hemp Cell phone Sleeves

To learn more about making hemp jewelry it is advised to grab any of the several books that deal with this art form from your favorite book or hobby store. Also try checking out books or supplements that deal with macramé, since the disciplines in macramé can also be utilized when making your hemp jewelry.


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