How To Make Hips Look Slimmer

Ladies, if you're blessed with larger hips there are ways to make them look slimmer. The right type of clothing can drastically change how your body looks. While it can't shave off pounds, an appropriate wardrobe can make you appear thinner around your midsection. Try some of these suggestions for a slimmer, trimmer waistline.

Step 1

Choose pants with wide legs. You can make your hips look much slimmer if you don't draw attention to the width of them. Do this by purchasing wide-leg pants. (No, not oversized pants! Wide-legged pants!) This will balance out your hips with your legs, creating a uniform look. Baggier legs also reduce the appearance of bulging thighs, which is fantastic for full-figured women.

Step 2

Go with an A-line skirt. Tight skirts only accentuate your large hips. Make your hips look slimmer by wearing A-line skirts. These flare out below the waist, making your waist look smaller. A-line skirts are also great for flattening the tummy and giving the bum a better shape.

Step 3

Draw attention away from your hips. You can draw attention away from large hips by wearing tops that have embellishments on them. Choose tops with interesting necklines, sequins, or a unique design. No one will notice your hips since they'll be looking at your top.

Step 4

Wear shirts that cover your hips. Another way to slim down your hips is to wear tunic-style tops. These cover your hips and your backside, concealing the exact size of your waist. Don't mistake a tunic with a baggy t-shirt or an oversized sweater. Clothing that is too big makes you look bigger than you are. Instead, opt for trendy, stylish tops that fit you properly and happen to extend past your middle.

Step 5

Avoid tight-fitting tops and bottoms. There is an opposite extreme to wearing something that is too large, and that's wearing something that is too small. If you want slimmer hips, don't try to squeeze them into something that leaves nothing to the imagination. Tight-fitting tops, pants, and dresses will draw attention to your hips, making them look anything but slimmer.

Step 6

Purchase some fitted undergarments. The easiest way to make your hips look slimmer is to put on some shapewear. Check your lingerie department for underwear that tightens, smoothes and reduces the look of your waist. Not only will you look thinner, but your backside and your thighs will appear free from cellulite! Hallelujah! Your wardrobe can't be without a good pair of waist-reducing underwear if you want your hips to look slimmer.


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