How To Make Homemade Water Based Perfume

Applying water based perfume

Perfumes and scents are to some extent considered luxury items. To avoid hurting your budget, you may consider making your own. Contrary to the common notion, making your own water based perfume is not that hard. You can make one even in the comfort of your home. Moreover, water based scents are safer than alcohol based perfume sold in the stores. Here are the necessary steps in making your own homemade water based perfume.

  1. Prepare the materials. You will need an airtight container, cheesecloth, a pot, glass bottle for the perfume (must be completely airtight. A sprayer is a plus point.), two cups of water, a funnel, a stove, 3 drops of glycerin and a cup of fresh flower petals. The freshness of the petals is very crucial for the scent of your perfume. You can use the type of accessible fragrance that you want. The most used scents are lavender and rose. You can also use fruit tree fragrances from their flowers like mango, apple and the other aromatic fruits.
  2. Cut the petals of the flowers into small pieces. This will give off their fragrance. Put the chopped petals on top of the cheesecloth. After doing this, take hold on the edges of the cheesecloth. Pour the water in the container through the cheesecloth. Make sure that they are completely immersed. Keep the edges of the cheesecloth on the edge of the container. Properly place the cover of the container and make sure that the container is completely airtight. Leave the container for 24 hours.
  3. Bundle the cheesecloth and remove it from the container. Leave the flowered water in the container. Before removing the bundle of chopped flowers, prepare the pot at your side. Once you remove the bundle, place it on top of the pot and squeeze the remaining water. Keep squeezing until the petals have no more scent in them. After this, transfer the perfumed water in the container into the pot.
  4. Ready the stove. Heat the mixture in the stove and let simmer. Let the perfumed water evaporate until only 2 teaspoonfuls are left. This will concentrate your perfume and make its scent more striking.
  5. Repeat if necessary. You can repeat the process again if you want to add more.  You can also make more of this as long as you stick with the ratio of two cups of water to 1 cup of petals.
  6. Heat the mixture again for 3 minutes and then add glycerin. Glycerin will make your perfumes last longer. After doing this, you can now put your perfume into its bottle.

Your perfume is now ready. Place it in a stylish bottle that you can personally design. It can be perfect for a gift or for personal use.


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