How To Make Honeysuckle Perfume

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Honeysuckle has been one of the most underrated flowers in the fragrance industry. Its very relaxing and cool aroma is something that cannot be ignored. Luckily, there is no need to spend much to get its fragrance. You can make your own honeysuckle perfume in the comfort of your home. This perfume can be perfect for your scented candles or as a personal gift. To start making your own, here are the necessary steps that you must take.

  1. Prepare the ingredients and materials. The basic things you will need are: two cups of water (you can use distilled water over hard water for better quality), cheesecloth or any type of thin fabric cut into a large square approximately 6 inches per side, a pot or a casserole, a heating range, about 5 drops of glycerin, an air tight container and 1 to 2 cups of honeysuckle blossom with the leaves and stems picked out.
  2. Chop the petals into small pieces. Cut the petals so that their scent can be fully extracted.
  3. Place the cheesecloth or any chosen fabric on top of the container. Remove the cover of the container and place the fabric on it. Be sure to leave the edges of the cloth hanging on the sides of the container.
  4. Put the chopped petals at the top of the cheesecloth and spread them equally across the surface. This is to maximize the scent that you can extract from these petals.
  5. Pour down the water in the cheesecloth slowly. The water will get the scent from the chopped petals. Make sure that you pour across each of the petals thoroughly so as to extract more scent from the petals. Let the cheesecloth and the petals fall inside the container, submerging the petals in the water. However, the edges of the cheesecloth must remain outside the container. Pin these edges in their place by putting the cover of the container. Make sure to do this properly to prevent air from entering the container and ruining the mixture itself. Leave it for approximately a day.
  6. Squeeze the bundle of petals to extract the remaining scent from it. Take the cheesecloth out from the container. Put the extracted perfume water into the pot or casserole. Dispose the petals and put the perfumed water in the container into the pot.
  7. Bring the perfumed water into a boil. This will concentrate the scent. Let the water evaporate until only 2 tablespoonfuls are left. Put two drops of glycerin to make it last longer. The perfume may last for more or less two months.
  8. Put the newly created honeysuckle perfume into a container. Pour down hot water into the container and then dry using a clean towel. It is now ready for use.

This perfume is perfectly safe because it does not have alcohol, which many market perfumes have. Moreover, disposing it is very eco friendly. You can make more of this sweet concoction by adding the amount of each ingredient. However, you must strictly follow the original ratio (two cups of water for one cup of honey suckle petals) to acquire the perfect scent. Make your own honeysuckle perfume now.


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