How To Make Ionic Detox Foot Baths

Among the many ways of detoxifying, ionic detox foot baths are one of the most convenient ways. Through these foot baths, there is no need to visit expensive detox salons which can cost you up to several hundred dollars. Detox foot baths will draw out the toxins from the body through the foot and the use of low level electric currents. Here’s how you can set up your own ionic detox foot bath at home.

Prepare the materials. you will need a 9 volt battery, two spoons made from stainless steel, two alligator clips, two strands of wire that are two feet in length, a spoonful of sea salt, and two large bowls. These materials are readily available in most homes and hardware shops. Make sure that the spoons are made from stainless steel, since these are best for conducting electricity through the water.

Attach the hookups. Use the alligator clips to connect the spoon with the 9 volt battery. This can be done by attaching the wire to the alligator clips. The alligator clips can then be clipped on to the tips of the stainless steel spoons. Once this is done, the next step is to add water to the large bowls. The water should be enough to cover your feet. Keep in mind, however, that water will rise as you place your feet inside, so do not overfill the bowls with water.

Prepare the water solution. Water has a good level of conductivity that will allow low level currents to pass through, but a technique to make ionic foot baths more effective is by adding in some sea salts into the mixture. The salt will allow electricity to move through the water effectively but safely. Mix the water to ensure that the sea salt has fully dissolved in the solution.

Attach the power source. To attach the power source, you should take the wires from the alligator clips. One wire should be connected to the positive terminal that is located in the 9 volt battery. The other wire should be connected to the negative charge terminal in the battery. This will create a circuit that will be completed as you place one foot in the positively charged foot bath, and the other in the negatively charged foot bath. As the current passes through this circuit, toxins are discharged in the water. You will see the water change color.

To use the foot bath, there are several precautions that you need to remember. First, remember to drink plenty of fluids before the ionic foot bath. Too little water can make the ionic foot bath overwhelming for you. Apart from the water, do not take medication prior to the foot bath, since the medication will also be drawn out of the body. After taking the foot bath, be sure to replenish the liquids in your body, and to take your vitamins and other medication. The foot bath will remove the toxins as well as excess minerals from the body, which means that you need to replenish the natural vitamins in the body.


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