How To Make Jeans Look Vintage

Vintage jeans are the rage in fashion these days. Jeans with a vintage look can fetch hundreds of dollars, but you can create your own vintage jeans without the need for years or hundreds of dollars. Here’s how you can make your jeans look older using materials that are found in your own home, and your own pair of jeans.

Prepare the jeans. Choose a pair of jeans that will fit you well. Keep in mind that adding the vintage look will not radically change the size of the jeans. Once you have selected your jeans, the next step is to wash it.

Cutting. The basics that you can do for recreating an old and vintage look is by using a pair of scissors to create snips on the jeans. The snips can be on the knee area, which is one of the most heavily damaged parts of the jeans. You can also create small nicks on the back side of the pant legs, near the heels of the feet. These will also look like the normal results of wear and tear, since long jeans are usually worn off by the heels of shoes. Make sure that you start the nicks on a small area of the jeans, gradually enlarging the cut as necessary. Instead of creating one large tear, you can also create a series of small cuts on the jeans.

Sandpaper. Next, use sandpaper to brush away the surface of the jeans. It will create the stone faded look that some jean labels use on their products. The sandpaper can also be used on the seams of the jeans to loosen the fibers and create a tattered look. You can use sandpapers with a grit of 400 or 600 hundred. Once the fibers have been loosened, place the jeans in a washing machine with Oxy Clean or Mule Team Borax. These will wear out the fabric and create a more tattered look.

Distressing. The distressed frays that vintage jeans have can be recreated using a shaving blade. Take the blade and use it to scratch out the fibers from the jeans. Make sure that you take care when using the blade. The blade should also be positioned in a vertical position, and should be moved back and forth in a horizontal position. This will significantly weaken the fibers until the interior layers are exposed. The tears and cuts that you have made using a scissor should also be distressed to create a more natural look.

Fading. For fading, the best technique is to avoid bleach and simply use the sun. Wash the jeans with laundry detergent and hang outside on the sun. Change the position of the jeans and make sure that all sides are exposed equally to the sun. Make sure that he clips are not positioned in only one part of the jeans, since this will stret6ch out the jeans. In a couple of days or weeks, the jeans will begin to fade.

Instead of buying a vintage jean, you can create your own. Apart from saving up on the money, you can be sure that your vintage jeans will not look like somebody else’s pair.


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