How To Make Lavender Body Scrub

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Body scrubs are famous for ensuring that people’s skins are kept supple and smooth by taking out the dead skin cells and allowing new ones to regenerate. A lot of women purchase body scrubs from stores, and at times they can be quite expensive. Why waste money purchasing body scrubs from stores when you yourself can make one at home? Below are instructions on how to create your own salt scrub with a refreshing and calming fragrance of lavender. Follow the simple steps and make your own lavender body scrub.

  1. Preparation. Prepare all the ingredients and materials that you will be using for the project. Gather these things and purchase them as necessary. You will need: dried lavender leaves and lavender oil, olive and jojoba oil, seal salt, bowls and spoons for mixing, vitamin E and containers to place your scrub in. Place all of these materials on your counter to make it easier to complete the project.
  2. Work on the dried lavender leaves. Get two tablespoons of dried lavender leaves and place it in a bowl. Get a spoon and use the back side to slowly crush the dried lavender. Continue crushing the dried lavender until you are left with a fine texture which is like that of powder. Once done, set the bowl with the lavender aside for mixing later on.
  3. Mix the oils with salt. Get another bowl and pour in half a cup of jojoba oil and half a cup of olive oil. Put two cups of sea salt into the bowl and mix it together with the oils. Pour in a teaspoon of vitamin E and continue mixing until you see that the salt has blended well with the oil. Put this aside and allow it to sit for roughly about thirty minutes.
  4. Check on the oil and salt mixture. After a good thirty minutes, go back to check on the oil and salt mixture that you have set aside. The salt and the oil should have separated and have formed layers at this time; salt staying at the bottom and the oil on top. Check to see if you still need more salt to add and if so, pour in more sea salt at this stage. If you add more salt then the mixture should be allowed to sit for another thirty minutes.
  5. Combine the lavender with the salt and oil mixture. Get the crushed lavender and pour it into the oil and salt mixture. Mix everything and continue doing so until the mixture is well blended and has a good texture when it comes to consistency.
  6. Put in the lavender oil. Once you have checked the consistency of the mixture, the next thing to do is to pour in the lavender oil for scent.
  7. Pour into an air tight container. Place the mixture into an airtight container so that the fragrance and the essential oils do not evaporate.

It is easy to make a lavender body scrub. It is a very practical and inexpensive way of rejuvenating your skin. When placed in decorative jars, they can also be given away as gifts to your loved ones and friends.


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