How To Make Lavender Mist Spray

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Over the years, lavender has been recognized for its many uses at home. It is an herb that people have long been using. It is known for its scent, which is relaxing and refreshing. Lavender has a number of uses. A lavender mist spray is very beneficial at home. It can be used to refresh the skin. It can also be used for linens and pillows to add a calming scent. Below are some simple steps that you can follow in order for you to create lavender water which you can use as a mist spray.

Prepare your materials. The first thing that you need to do is to gather all the materials that you will need in making a lavender mist spray. Prepare some purified water and a hundred percent lavender oil. Also have a container ready where you will put in your water and lavender mixture in. It is important for you to get lavender oil that is pure. Pure lavender oil can be purchased in a health or a food store. You also have the option of purchasing this kind of oil online. Do a quick search and you will find a number of stores offering them.

Mix the water and pure lavender oil. Pour in 120 milliliters of purified water into the spritz or spray container. This is also equivalent to about four ounces of water. Once the water is poured into the spray container, put about forty drops of pure lavender oil. Put the cap on the bottle and start shaking it so that the water and lavender oil will blend together well. If the spray container is bigger, then you can add more water following the measurement above. Add in the corresponding amount of lavender oil into the water as specified. Likewise, shake the bottle to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Use the lavender mist spray as preferred. Lavender water is now ready for use. It comes with a number of uses which proves handy at home. You can spray some of it to your skin so to refresh and revitalize it. Lavender is proven for its benefits around relieving stress and relaxing the body eliminating tension. Use the solution by spraying some of it to your pillows in the bedroom or even in the living room to freshen them up and add that delicate scent to it. The same also applies to linens and clothes that you wear. Lavender and water can also be sprayed to your bedroom to help you acquire sleep that is deep and restful. In the bathroom, lavender can also be used to add that aroma adding to your mood to help you relax while you are in the tub.

A lavender mist spray is a home concoction that is really helpful and useful to have. It is very easy to make and offers a lot of benefits not just to you but to your entire house and other members of the family. Go ahead and start working on your homemade lavender mist spray so you can start enjoying and using it.


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