How To Make Lavender Skin Care Pads

Lavender has been known for ages to offer benefits because of its healing and beautifying properties. Lavender is a very popular ingredient used in cosmetic products, examples of which are the skin care products which include lavender as an ingredient. Lavender is also known for its delicate fragrance which is very calming and soothing.  Skin care pads with lavender scents can be purchased in health and beauty stores. Yet you have the option of having them homemade allowing you and your family to conveniently and inexpensively use them at home.

Prepare the ingredients and materials. Just like any project, this is the first step of the process. Gather and purchase everything that you will need to create your homemade lavender pads. This list includes the following things: distilled water, lavender oil, vodka, cotton pads, a jar and some labeling stickers. Put all of these ingredients and materials on your work desk for these to be accessible as you work through the project.

Prepare the oil solution. First of all, make sure that the jar or container that you will be using is clean is dry. Rinse and clean this off with soap and water. Dry it off using a clean piece of cloth. Once the jar is clean, pour in two cups of distilled water into the jar. Add a fourth of a cup of vodka into the jar and include eight drops of lavender oil. This essential oil can be easily purchased in food and health stores. Once all the ingredients are in, stir it until they blend well.

Soak the cotton pads. Once all the ingredients have blended well, the next thing to do is to grab the cotton pads. Put in just as much pads of cotton that will absorb the solution. Take extra care not to put too much cotton pads. It is best that the cotton pads are kept moist and that they contain an amount of solution that can be squeezed off when they are used.

Refrigerate. When the cotton pads have been placed in the jar with the solution, the next step is to close the jar by putting a cover on it. Place the jar in the refrigerator to cool off and use some sticker to label them accordingly. Do this so that people at home will not eat the contents of the jar. Make sure that the label is big and easy enough to read. Although this is organic, the solution and definitely the cotton pads are not meant to be eaten.

Lavender Pads are ready for use. Once they have significantly cooled, these lavender skin care pads are ready for use. Lavender cotton pads can be used to freshen up your face when you feel that you have had too much heat. They are good soothers for headaches and they can be useful in remedying insect bites and blemishes caused by acne.

Lavender is an all natural ingredient which you can receive a number of benefits from. Having lavender cotton pads available at home is very convenient for you and your family. They can be very useful and handy. Go ahead and create your own lavender cotton pads to enjoy, relax, soothe and cool you off.


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