How To Make Lemon Vinegar Face Freshener

After a long day in the sun and out of the house, the face is exposed to plenty of chemicals and harsh elements that can take their toll on the skin. This results in fragile and thin skin that is prone to acne and other skin problems such as premature aging and wrinkles around the eyes and the corner of the mouth. A lemon vinegar face freshener is a great way to remove the dirt that has accumulated on the surface of the skin, without the usual costs that branded facial fresheners have.

Lemon juice. You will need to extract a cup of lemon juice. Select plump and ripe lemons which will yield the best lemon juice for your face. Remove the skin and place these in a small bowl. You can use the skin to extract lemon zest which you can use to create perfumes or to add scents for your lemon vinegar face freshener. The pulp should be ground using a juicer or a food processor. Use cheesecloth to remove the pulp. You should end up with pure lemon juice.

Vinegar. Combine the lemon juice with a cup of vinegar. There are several types of vinegar that you can use. Cane vinegar and white vinegar will work. You can also use specialty vinegars that are made from various other fruits and grains. Keep in mind, however, that some specialty vinegars will need to be diluted first since these are very strong and can significantly heat up your face.

Tone down. The lemon juice and the vinegar combination will remove the oil from the face and return the face to its natural acidic levels. Pure vinegar and lemon juice, however, can be very harsh on the skin. To dilute this, you will need to add eight cups of distilled water. Place all of these in a small bowl and use a spoon or ladle to combine the ingredients thoroughly.

Storage. You can store the lemon vinegar face freshener by pouring these into airtight containers. Place the containers in the refrigerator to keep the liquid cool and pleasant on the face. Keep in mind that the acidic action of both the lemon juice and the vinegar can produce a very warm sensation on the skin, which is why cooling down the mixture in the refrigerator is advisable, especially for people who have never used the lemon and vinegar face freshener before.

Use. To use the face freshener, simply splash on the liquid into the face after washing in the morning and in the evening. The scent of the vinegar will effectively be counteracted by the lemon juice and diluted by the distilled water. By adding in lemon zest, you can better improve the scent of the face freshener.

Instead of purchasing face fresheners that can cost hundreds of dollars, create a lemon and vinegar face freshener at home .you can also store these in pockets sized aerosol dispensers that will allow you to freshen up during the day, whenever and wherever you are.


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