How To Make Lips Appear More Plump with Lipstick Tricks

Plump lips are one of the most highly coveted facial features and create a subtle but very sexy face. Not everyone, however, has naturally plump lips. If you want to enhance your lips and make them seem fuller, without going under the knife, here are some tips and tricks that you can do using only lipstick and other lip cosmetics.

Lip liner. The lip liner will determine the size of your lips. If you do not have naturally plump lips, use a lip liner in a shade that is close to your lips, or a few shades darker. Use this to outline your lips. To add size, make sure that the lip line is situated just below the actual lip. Draw the line finely, so that it will not stand out and will not create obviously made up lips. You can also use a very fine brush to combine the lip liner into the rest of the lips, creating a more natural look.

The plum ‘M’. The part of the lips that form the M shape, just below the space between the nose and lips, also helps to create the illusion of fuller lips. To get the perfectly plump M shaped lips, you should use the lip liner to create a curvier M shape. A sharp and edgy shape will look artificial and overly drawn. Add curves on the edges of the M shape to make it appear as if the lips are bulging and very full.

Colors. The color of your lipstick will also add to the appearance of full and plump lips. Strong and lush colors are great, but only if you have naturally large and plump lips. Otherwise, the strong and dark colors will make your lips look smaller. This is because of the capacity of dark lip color to make the small lips stand out and appear even smaller. Use a color that is pinkish or a shade of peach. When applying the lip color, make sure that you blend the actual lip color with the lip liner, so that the lips look natural. If you are going to use darker shades of lipsticks for special occasions, adjust the color of the lip liner to suit the color of the lip shade. Otherwise, the lip liner will stand out and the drawn line used to enhance the lip shape and enlarge the lip size will be visible.

Lip gloss. Finally, use lip gloss applied in small portions over the lips. Do not add too much, but add enough so that the lips have the reflective quality of large, moist lips. Another technique that you can do is to use lip gloss that contains a small amount of pepper. The pepper will inflame the lips causing it to acquire a naturally red shade. The irritant in pepper will also help to make the lips more bulging. Try the pepper based lip gloss at home first, however, since some individuals with very sensitive skin will not take the pepper well.

With the right cosmetic tools and knowledge of how to apply them, making thin lips look fuller and plum does not have to be difficult.


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