How To Make Lipstick Stay

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Your makeup routine is often early in the morning, so it's no wonder that your lipstick has faded by the middle of the day. Here are some tips to make lipstick stay so that you won't have to reapply throughout the day.

Step 1

Use a moisturizer first. Your lips will keep their color longer if you apply a moisturizer before you apply your lipstick. The moisturizer will provide for the lips so that they won't need to draw moisture out of your lipstick. You'll keep your lipstick on much longer this way.

Step 2

Use lipliner. Lip liner has a tendency to stay on longer than lipstick, so consider using it with lipstick. Fill in your lips with your favorite shade of lipliner and follow with a layer of lipstick. Even when your lipstick fades away, you'll still have color on your lips from the lip liner.

Step 3

Start with a base of foundation. Another way to get your lipstick to last all day long is to give it a good base. One secret of makeup artists is to apply foundation to the lips (yes, foundation). This has absorbing qualities. When you apply your lipstick on top of foundation, it soaks into this foundation base, making your lips retain their color much longer.

Step 4

Use lip primer. If you can afford it, you can buy an additional product for your lips that will make your lipstick color stay on liner. It's call lip primer. Apply it to your lips as a moisturizer and base before you apply lipstick. You'll notice a big difference in how long your lipstick color stays.

Step 5

Use powder. Your lipstick color will stay long if you seal in the color after you apply it too. Once you've applied your lip liner and your lipstick, add a layer of your favorite facial powder to your lips. It prevents lip color from washing away throughout the day.

Step 6

Put on two coats. Make your lipstick stay on longer by giving it more fighting power - two coats! Apply your first coat of lipstick, then blot your lips with a tissue. Apply a second layer of lipstick on top of the first coat, and the finish with lip gloss. The color won't fade near as quickly.

Step 7

Avoid rubbing your lips. You can keep your lipstick on longer by not agitating it. That is, don't rub your lips, lick your lips, or press them onto anything that might cause your lipstick color to transfer. Too much lipstick ends up where we don't want it (glasses, faces, food, etc.) and this can be prevented by not touching our lips to so many things. That's the trick to making lipstick stay on longer.


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