How To Make Liquid Blush

Blush powders are one of the easiest ways for you to add color and a healthy, youthful glow to your face. Blush powder, however, rubs off the skin very easy and needs to be reapplied several times throughout the day. As an alternative, liquid blush will give your face the highlight that it needs throughout the day, without the need for frequent touch ups. If you want to transform your favorite blush powder into liquid blush, here are ways to do this.

Choose the base. First, choose a clear moisturizer and lotion. This will act as the base for your liquid blush. Although any type of moisturizer and lotion will do, you should take your face type into consideration as well. For instance, you can choose hypoallergenic lotions if you have sensitive skin, or moisturizers with sunscreen if you want to shield your face from the sun. You can also choose scented moisturizers if you want to add fragrance to your liquid blush.

Add the blush. Next, take a butter knife and use it to scrape off the powdered blush from the canister. If the powder blush comes off in chunks, use the flat side of the butter knife to ground the blush into fine powder. In general, you should use a one part blush powder for every five parts of lotion. This combination, however, can be modified. If you want to add more color, add more blush powder, while adding more lotion to the combination will soften the color. Test the color on the back of your hand first.

Mix. Use a small spoon to mix the moisturizer or lotion into the blush powder. Do this in a small flat bowl. Add the powder in small increments, and make sure that you work out the air pockets and the chunks of powder. Improperly mixed powder can end up streaks of color on the moisturizer that can create sudden bright lines on the face.

Store. Store the liquid blush in small bottles where you can apply them easily. If you have an empty liquid blush container, use this. These specialized liquid blush containers are especially useful since these sometimes come with built-in brushes or dispensing spouts that will allow you to directly apply the liquid blush onto your face. Small glass jars will work as well, however.

Alternatives. Some makeup artists create their liquid blush on the spot. Do this by combining the moisturizer and the powder blush on the back of your hand. Use a cosmetic brush to combine the mixture, and then apply onto the face. This means, however, that you will need to mix the proper combination each time you apply the liquid blush.

Apply. To apply, work the liquid blush into your skin using small circular movements. Taper off the liquid blush at the edges of the face to create a natural color. Make sure that you blend the liquid blush so that it creates lighter and darker sections in the face, following the natural pattern of the face.

With liquid blush, you do not need to apply colorants into your skin too frequently. With liquid blush, application in the morning can last well into the evening. Add mascara and lipstick, and you are ready for a day in the office and a night with friends.


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