How To Make Long Hair Look Fuller

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Long and shiny hair adds elegance to your face. As hair grows longer, however, hair tends to become thin, especially if you do not have naturally thick hair. Long hair looks especially thin because the ends of the hair become more porous as it grows longer and longer. Other damaging factors such as split ends can also create thin looking hair. Try these easy steps to make long hair appear full.

Volumizing hair products. The starting point for fuller looking hair are the types of maintenance products that you use on your hair. Use volumizing hair shampoo and conditioner. Work these into lather and use it to clean your hair. Afterwards, rinse the product thoroughly. Use a towel to dry your hair.

Layered hair cut. A layered hair cut will reduce the weight from the outer sections of the hair. The excess weight can anchor the hair down, making it seem very thin. Apart from the layered hair cut, you can also use a variety of other hair styles, such as the angular cuts that are growing in popularity today. These angular cuts will ease the weight off the outer parts of the hair so that the outer layers of the hair can move around.

Use mousse or gels. Next, apply products such as mousse or gels. Use a small amount and spread these between your hands. Work the product into your hair using your fingers to create space between the hairs. Run your fingers through your hair every few hours so that the space between hair strands is preserved.

Use henna. Henna is another product that you can use on your hair. It comes in creams and leave on conditioners, and will coat the individual fibers of the hair to keep it nourished and thick. Henna comes in a variety of colors and can be used for all hair types. It will need to be reapplied after three months. Henna also gives fine hair a glossy appearance that will not wear off easily.

Lighten the color. You can also change the color of your hair in order to make your hair look fuller. Generally, lighter hair color will look larger than darker hair color. You can visit your hair salon to get hair color treatment. If you are satisfied with your natural hair color, highlights can add definition and shape to your hair without the need for a full hair body coloring.

Avoid flattening hair accessories. You should also avoid hair accessories like hair bands and certain clips, as well as hats and caps, which will flatten the hair and make it seem smaller.

Add extensions. The final trick that you can use to make your think hair appear fuller is by adding extensions. Many celebrities use hair extensions to create fuller looking hair. These extensions are reusable and are easy to attach onto hair. They can also be easily unclipped off hair after use.

If you are tired of your thin and formless hair, achieving body and volume can be done easily through these steps.


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