How To Make Loofah Scrub Soap

Whether as an easy to make and inexpensive gift idea or as a way to soothe and relax yourself, loofah scrub soap is one of the best ways to exfoliate luxuriously while taking your regular baths. With loofah scrub soap, you no longer have to soap the loofah since the soap will be embedded into the loofah.

Prepare the soap. Take glycerin soap and cut these into chunks. Glycerin soap is used to create homemade bars of soap. These are usually available in large chunks and will need to be cut down to size. Chop this into small cubes using a kitchen knife and place these in a small pot. Turn the heat on the lowest setting, and melt the glycerin soap. Make sure that you do not allow the soap to boil .you can also place the bits of glycerin soap in a microwave safe dish and warm this in a microwave oven in intervals of 20 seconds. Again, make sure that the soap does not boil.

Prepare the loofah. Prepare the loofah by cutting it into small cubes. You can also cut these into small inch tall discs that will fit in cookie molds. The disc shaped loofah pieces will be especially useful if you are creating round loofah scrub soaps. For more intricate shapes, however, the loofah cubes will work better since these will allow you to place the loofah in a variety of containers and molds.

Combine in a mold. Use a nonstick spray to coat the surface of the mold. Next, place the loofah bits into the mold. If you are using a cookie mold, place the loofah at the bottom. Take the molten glycerin soap and slowly pour it over the loofah mold. You can add another layer of loofah bits or sandwich the soap layer between two loofahs. Pour in some more soap to seal in the loofah.  Some people prefer to create small loofah scrubs that will be usable for one or two baths. Afterwards, the loofah discs can be dried out in the sun and used to create another set of loofah scrub soaps.

Let harden. Allow the soap to harden in a cool and dry room. This will usually take an hour or less. If soap bubbles are present in the soap, you can give the mold container a tap or squirt in some isopropyl alcohol to minimize the formation of bubbles. Afterwards, shake out the soap from the mold, or place the mold in the freezer for a few minutes. This sshou8ld make the soap shrink in size so that removal from the mold is easier.

You can use water proofed paper to wrap the soap, or place these in an airtight and dry container. Make sure that you keep the soap away from direct heat or sunlight. If you are sending the loofah scrub soap to friends, use a ribbon to seal the paper wrapping for each individual soap. With loofah scrub soap, enjoying exfoliation during baths is easy.


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