How To Make Money Selling Your Tattoo Designs Online

The Internet provides limitless income generating opportunities for artists. If you have the talent for drawing and design, one of the many ways you can use your craft for profit is to sell tattoo designs online.

Tattoos are widely used for a variety of reasons. Some people opt to have one for the same reason women wear makeup, jewelry, and accessories while others to identify themselves with a religious or social group. There are individuals who find the need to wear tattoo to hide some skin discoloration, while others just to experience the pain associated with it.

Today, tattoo is a notable form of self expression and many young people find it an attractive ornament to adorn their bodies with. It is considered a beautiful piece of art forever implanted into the skin. In view of the fact that it stays on the skin permanently, the distinctiveness of a tattoo design is highly imperative to anyone who wears it. Hence, designing tattoos and selling them online can be a money-spinning venture if you follow the corresponding guide.

  1. Build an online portfolio of your tattoo designs. Sort them according to various categories and include some of your best designs. Create categories that will cater to the inclinations of men, women, young, and old.
  2. Sell your tattoo designs to companies that buy tattoos from independent tattoo artists and resell them. Determine if the company you are selling your design to is buying the rights to your work as well. Some companies will offer one-time payment while others will offer royalties on your collection of work. That said, you would have to consider having all your tattoo designs copyrighted.
  3. Sell your tattoo designs directly to your target market. You will have to put up a website solely for selling your designs. Learn the basics of hosting your own website and sell your work minus a middleman. If you find this a bit daunting to accomplish, you can use your existing blog or social networking sites that allow selling your craft and receive payments using PayPal.
  4. Post high resolution images of your tattoo designs otherwise the pixel will distort the photos. Accordingly, the pictures you post on your online catalog which are not print quality will not appeal to your market.
  5. Determine the tattoo designs that are popular to the public. You can accomplish this by browsing tattoo design galleries online and see what types of designs are well liked and attractive to most audience. Some of the popular designs include hearts, roses, butterflies, fairies, dragons, skulls, crosses, gothic, zodiac and more. This will give you an idea which subjects appeal more to your target market thereby you can create more designs according to the most accepted category.

With so many websites offering hundreds and thousands of tattoo designs, it can be overwhelming to compete with other artists who make money out of this venture.  While you visit gallery sites of tattoo designs, see how you can make your work unique and stand out among the crowd.


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