How To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

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There is nothing worse for your beauty routine than a new manicure that chips or splits. The good news is that with a few simple steps you can protect your manicure or pedicure and make the nail polish last longer.

  1. Start with clean and buffed nails. Salons are full of dust due to all the filing and buffing. This dust can wreck your polish in no time. Once your nails are filed and shaped wash them in warm water with antibacterial soap. Remove all dust and debris so your nails are a clean surface. Dry the nails before moving on to the next step.
  2. Begin with a base coat. Choose a clear base coat that is also a nail treatment. There are several varieties but choose the best nourishment for your nail issues such as dryness or splitting.
  3. Apply color in a thin coat. The first coat of any color should be almost translucent because it is such a thin layer. Allow it to dry for a minute or two before applying another thin coat of polish. Consider three or four thin coats of polish and allow each to dry in between applications. This layered effect will create a better seal and cut down on any air bubbles that appear when the polish is too thick.
  4. Cover the tip of each nail with polish. As you apply the first thin coat from the cuticle to the tip, continue over the tip so that some polish coats the underside of the tip. Repeat this with each coat of polish unless the polish becomes too thick under your nail. This wrap over effect will prevent chipping whenever your nail comes in contact with computer keys or the buttons on your cell phone.
  5. Apply a thin topcoat. Once the color of the last coat has started to dry you should apply a clear topcoat. This coat should be a protective coat that prevents chipping and dents so make sure you apply a full layer. Keep it thin so your nails don't start to feel sticky or heavy.
  6. Let your nails dry. If you are like most people then your manicure is just one of your many errands for the day. The fastest way to ruin the manicure or pedicure is to start using your hands and touching things before the nails are fully dry. It takes from thirty minutes to an hour for nail polish to dry fully, especially with the layers you applied. Don't rush this step. Instead make the manicure the last of your errands or take a walk afterwards where you don't have to touch anything or drive while the nails dry.
  7. Cover hands with lotion. Once your nails are dry you can help protect them and your hands by applying hand lotion regularly. The lotion works as an extra sealant that keeps things slipping off your nails instead of cracking or chipping the polish.

Nail polish often lasts less than two weeks even if you have a professional manicure and pedicure. You can only protect the polish from wear and chipping for so long. If you want to get the full two weeks out of your polish, consider following these steps so the polish will last longer.


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All the steps are goods. Except the fact is nails polish only stay on your fingers about 1 to 3 days; they will start chipping off. By then, you want to remove the old nails polish and apply a fresh coat again yourself for pay someone else to do it. Nails polish stay on your feet up to 3 weeks if you got proper pedicure, not just color change (usually this only last 1 week). In my opinions, when nails polish start chipping off, remove the rest of them, buff your nails smooth, put cuticle oils and lotion your hands and fingers. Add these additional steps will help keep your hands & feet look good in between your Mani/Pedi procedures. Also your nails look good, make your hands & feet also look good. Who say you have to wear nails polish to keep them look good. On the contrary, I think women who wear too much (color) nails polish make their nails unhealthy beside all the harsh chemicals from cleaning the house and at work.

By Lang (Elaine) Ngo