How To Make Nappy Hair Grow Longer

When you have nappy hair and you want it longer, you tend to observe it everyday but it seems not to grow. Don’t despair—it does grow. It just does not grow longer properly. Nappy hair has the tendency to split and curl in almost any direction. This is because it is frizzy and dry. How can you grow nappy hair longer?

  1. Condition your hair ends by trimming them occasionally. Trimming the ends of your hair removes the split ends that prevent your hair from growing properly. Split ends run all the way up to your hair roots. They make the hair strands unhealthy and unhealthy hair has a slim chance of growing longer beautifully.
  2. Whenever possible, keep your hair protected from the sun. The sun’s burning rays literally “cook” your hair to a crisp leaving it dry and dull. The heat evaporates the natural moisture in your hair. If you should go out in the sun, wear protective covering like a hat or a hoodie. Remember that even on cloudy days, when you cannot see the sun through the clouds, 80% of its burning rays still pass through the clouds. Always check the time when you should go out. If it falls between 9am and 4pm, wear a hat.
  3. If you should style your hair, avoid using hot rollers or flat straightening irons. The heat of the hair styling gadget has the same effect as the heat of the sun or much worse! It strips away your natural moisture. If you should want to style your hair, use regular hair rollers and a moisturizing mousse.
  4. Avoid shampooing your hair everyday. The chemicals found in shampoos dry out your hair strands if used excessively. Letting your hair rest from shampoo for a day will let your retain your hair and scalp’s natural oils. It is best to shampoo hair with warm water rather than cold water. Warm water dissolves dirt easily thus letting you use minimal shampoo. But do not use boiling water!
  5. Use hair treatment once a week. An intensive moisturizing treatment once a week will help your scalp develop natural oil that will help keep your hair strands healthy. Remember to follow the instructions of the treatment and do just that. Never leave a treatment longer than the required amount of time. Remember that healthy hair promotes faster growth.
  6. Handle your hair properly when wet. Hair that is wet tends to break easily especially if you have nappy hair. Use wide-toothed comb and never use a brush! Detangle your hair first by running your fingers through it very carefully before listing the help of a wide-toothed comb.

Hair, even nappy hair, grows longer if it is healthy. Your scalp should be in the same healthy condition. It is just like growing a vegetable or a plant. The roots should be strong and healthy in order for them to bear fruit.


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