How To Make Oil Infusions

When it comes to personal wellness and pampering oneself, one of the things that have been getting a lot of press lately are essential oils or oil infusions. These are versatile concoctions that can be used in just about anything. You’ve probably seen them being added into massage oils, aromatherapy burners, air fresheners and even in fabric softeners and detergents. The main idea is that the oil is a concentrated version of the scent that is innate to a flower or an herb. By making an infusion, someone can actually get the essence of  dozens of blooms and branches into a few drops of oil. Its concentrated nature makes it easier to create other products by simply adding the plain version of something – may it be a neutral massage oil, body cream, candle wax or soap.

Here’s how you make oil infusions.

  1. Try to gather as much of the blooms or herbs that you want to have an infusion off. Get the most fragrant ones. You are after all trying to get the smell of something and transfer it into the oil.
  2. Prepare a double boiler for this purpose. The lower pain should have water in it. The upper pan should have around two cups of neutral oil like sunflower, vegetable or mineral oil.
  3. Add the herbs and flowers on the pan with the oil.
  4. Start the fire under the double burner. Allow the oil to simmer (meaning just under boiling) for about two hours. This would allow the essence of the herbs and flowers to ooze out of them due to the high temperature.
  5. After two hours, take a cheese cloth and wring the herbs and flowers into the basin of oil. This should get all the oils and essences out.
  6. The oil that you have is now infused with the essences of the herbs and flowers that you boiled in the pan. This could now be used for your many purposes such as for massage oils, body creams of candle sticks.
  7. Store the oil in a container and keep it refrigerated. If it gets solid due to the cold temperature of the refrigerator, taking it out into room temperature would always thaw it.
  8. Keep the oil infusion for about a four to six months before throwing it away.

For a stronger oil infusion, try using more of the herbs and flowers and lessening the amount of oil This makes the concentration of your oil infusion a lot higher since the essence would not have to be diluted. You may keep the oils for yourself or give them away as gifts. Having them in little bottles and tiny ribbons would definitely be a great idea for a gift item during the holidays or whenever you have friends and family over. It’s a very fun project and trust me, you’ll love how the room smells like after you’re done.


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