How To Make Old Jeans Look Cool

Jeans are probably the trendiest fashion garments of all time. It doesn’t go out in style and is a comfort to wear, a part of the few outfits that are both comforting and stylish to have on. Since jeans have been a part of most people’s wardrobe, it tends to wither in time when it gets overused and not properly cared for. But most jeans can still be wearable and maintain some quality despite the old appearance. If you want to save your money for something else or just want to recycle your old pair of jeans, you can try making them look trendy again. Here are some tips on how to make your old jeans look cool.

Before everything else, make sure to wash your old jeans first to ensure proper usage of the tips below. Clean jeans make decorative adhere more.

  • Dye your pants. If your jeans are in good condition but are unstylish due to its faded color, you can try and dye it to make it look cool. Dyeing is easy; you just purchase a dye color of your choice from the store and immerse your jeans in the basin with dye. Though, you may want to keep your jeans from getting a bright makeover since faded jeans are making their way back on business.
  • Rip and shred your jeans. If you’re vying for a rock chic look, you can try creating some rips on your jeans. Having a picture of professionally tailored ripped jeans may help. Ripped jeans never go out of style in the rock world, so go have fun with your scissors.
  • Add some patches. If your favorite old jeans have holes on them you can try and sew on some patches. Just be sure to purchase cool embroidered patches for this. Iron-on patches are also available if you’re not comfortable with your sewing skills. It’s also very convenient because you can just print a patch and iron it at home.
  • Decorate your jeans. Patches aren’t the only thing that can make your old jeans look cool. Fabric and craft stores offer a variety of jewels and other embroidered designs you can add on your jeans. Decorated jeans are in trend nowadays and it can’t hurt to make your own. Note that you can use your old jewelry for this. Jeans with “bling” are sure hits nowadays.
  • Make fun shorts. Another way to make your old jeans look cool is to transform them into shorts. Shorts are big today, especially jeans shorts. Cut off the jeans to your desired length and hem a bit for a stylish finish. Though, ragged edged shorts are also fashionable these days.
  • Paint the bottoms. To do this, you need to roll up the jeans and paint the cuffs. There are various fabric paints you can purchase from any fabric or craft store so enjoy making different designs.

Jeans may not always be out but styling them to fit the current fashion trends may help your budget. Also, fashion is a cycle of trends, so don’t throw your jeans out just because they’re out of style because they can always get back in for next season.


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