How To Make Ornamental Hair Pins

Most girls are fond of decorating their hair.  In fact, most are fond of making decorations for their own hair.  There are headbands, hair clips, hair combs, etc. that are easily made into unique hair accessories.  Hairpins are probably amongst the smallest items in your dresser. They are too small to manipulate into more attractive items.  However, there are ways to make a hair pin look better and more attractive.  You can use these tips to make ornamental hairpins.

1.    Add a decorating platform to the pin. A decorating platform, in this case, is a piece of icicle stick.  Due to the fact that a hairpin is so thin, you only have very few choices in decorating it.  With the use of a decorating platform, you will have a bigger surface to decorate on.  It is very simple.

  • Cut an icicle stick to your desired length and size but make sure that it is not too big.
  • Paint it first according to your desired color before gluing something on it.
  • Glue a pin to the stick as thoroughly as you can then let it dry.  Make sure that you glue the stick to the flat portion of the pin.
  • After making sure that the glue has dried, you can now use the other surface of the stick as the canvass of your creative mind. 

2.    Use beads. There are two ways to decorate hairpins using beads.

  • Use small beads with big holes. Simply insert the beads into one of the pin’s limbs.  Carefully position them then hold them in place using glue.
  • Use bigger beads with big enough holes.  Make sure that the hole is the same size with that of the head of the pin.  If it is lose, use a thin clothe or thread to adjust the fit.  If the fit of the pin and bead is adequate, hold the bead in place with glue.  Let it dry.

3.    Use glitters and sequins. Glitters and sequins are small enough to be used for pins.  Glue one side of the pin then sprinkle it with the glitters.  For sequins, you might want to be more precise.  Choose sequins and glitters that are brightly colored so that the sparkle they produce will be more visible.  Apply minimal amounts of sequins or else they will look overcrowded. 

4.    Use feathers. You can use the tip of a feather.  Cut the rachis of the feather about the same length of the pin.  Measure from the tip of the rachis going down and then slice it right in the middle. Glue the sliced rachis onto the pin. Once you apply it on your hair, it will look like you have a little Mohawk on your head. 

Unlike other hair accessories, ornamental hairpins are more flexible to use.  With these new decorations, you can actually form complex yet precise shapes.  Hairpins will become your new best friends when it comes to decorating your hair.  Besides that, you can combine the mentioned ideas above and make a more elaborate design.


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